Washington DC is full of idiotic politicians who can’t even make deals – Trump calls it all out!

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Running for President? Trump is “all in!” Why are the majority of Americans listening and listening well to the Casino King? Keep reading.

Other countries around the world hate American politicians right now. After eight grueling years of George W. and nearly seven of this horrid “Obamanation” – – who could blame them? Fifteen years of unnecessary wars, the total flogging of America’s crops, like corn, soy, wheat, etc, and Big Pharma having their way with false-medicating millions of people with psych meds that make them crazy, everybody has “had enough” with this ruthless regime and police state we live in. Illegal immigration is out of control and there’s 50 million Americans (that’s one sixth mind you) are on some form of government help, whether food stamps, disability, or other democratic handouts that keep the masses subservient and voting for more government police to raid their lives, spy on them…

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