Kinetic weapons, currencies and cyber warfare – are China and the US beginning World War III?


Did you think the USA was done dropping bombs in Asia in retaliation to other events? Did you think Star Wars was just a movie, it’s a name for a space program that can laser bomb cities from space at the speed of sound. Did you think because the news isn’t talking about it, that there’s no currency war, cyber war and kinetic war going on between the US and China? Maybe you’re watching the WRONG NEWS and maybe you’re reading that dreaded newspaper again, which is more WRONG NEWS.

Global Covert War

If you’re not following this war yet, one day after China lowered the value of its Yuan currency, a bomb went off (or hit the ground) in an industrial area that killed over 100 people and spread toxic foam all over the environment and on people. People said it was itching and burning their skin, and this all smacks of a kinetic bomb sent by US in retaliation for affecting US currency as well with the devaluing of the Yuan. There’s more devaluing to come, too, and the US stock market bubble will be bursting soon. All this big league money is creating a political thorn in the sides of US politicians and the global bankers. Inflation is on the brink. The debt bubble is a thousand times bigger than the real estate bubble of 2008. You’d better get ready for something big that affects the prices of food, the value of cash, the value of gold, the value of stored food, the value of filtered water, and the value of life in general. Prepare your home, your money, your resources in case these political controlling idiots keep going down the same path they are right now, towards war and an economic apocalypse. If this China/American and probably Russian war escalates, and the dollar crashes with Wall street and mortgage-backed securities, you may not be able to use that cold hard cash machine, or get to ANY of your savings, retirement money, social security or even that safety deposit box – because the banks – folks – will ALL BE CLOSED and on their own RUN, called a bank run.

Want truth coverage of the kinetic weapons, currencies and cyber warfare?


Tune into Natural Health News here: Here’s from the start of all this:

Coverage of the 1st EXPLOSION:

Coverage of the 2nd EXPLOSION:

This is reported by Natural as the continuing coverage of the truth is revealed on Alternative News across the world at the speed of light (the internet).

“To anyone who still doesn’t believe the world’s largest nations are already engaged in a global covert war involving kinetic weapons, currencies and cyber warfare, add this event to your list of things to ponder: Less than one day after another massive explosion destroyed a portion of Shandong, China, another explosion has ripped through a U.S. Army munitions storage facility near Tokyo, Japan, utterly destroying the facility.” Learn more:

Coverage of the 1st EXPLOSION:

Coverage of the 2nd EXPLOSION:

Other Alternative TRUTH news coverage of the WAR GAME OF CHESS at the

Natural Health News Cafe online!

Natural Health News Cafe

Natural Health News Cafe


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