GMO – The trillion dollar business of selling Americans their own health demise

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You read it on every biotechnology website–the lies about feeding the world, more yield from the crops, drought-resistant plants and the “science” of agriculture. The chemical agriculture industrial complex is in full swing in 2015, and they’ll try their best to convince you they have “more targeted pest management control” than ever before. Have you heard of “superbugs?” And then, most definitely, you hear their talk of the rapidly expanding population that’s simply GOT to be fed. Have you heard of vertical indoor, high density organic farming? It’s produce in its purest form. The biotechnology shills and charlatans, the corporate hucksters, they’ll sell you on some NEW identity they’ve taken on, because their old one got a “bad rap.” Sure. Then they’ll get really intellectual on you and inform you that this is highly advanced science combined with technology to bring innovation to crop productivity and yes, they’ll even use…

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