Hey smokers: Do you have a hangover from your last cigarette? Chemical fix cured with natural remedy!

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A new study reveals toxins in cigarettes create the chemical hangover which fosters the need for nicotine “aspirin” relief – the HOOK. The chemical hangover is a term invented by a previous smoker who invented a natural way to quit smoking. Here’s how it works: The scam “aspirin” for the cigarette hangover is nicotine, thus smoking another cigarette. Nicotine is a stimulant in the short term, but a depressant in the long term. This is very important to realize this about nicotine. Depression can only be postponed by stronger cigarettes, or by smoking cigarettes more often. This is why the vicious cycle continues, pack after pack after pack. This is Big Tobacco’s huge secret.

That is why big brands like Marlboro use ammonia to freebase the nicotine and make it up to thirty five times stronger. And the pesticides get stronger too. And it all builds up, in the lungs, in the tar, trapped and it won’t let you breathe right. You try to inhale deeply and you can’t. You try to laugh hard at a joke or something funny and you start coughing uncontrollably, and you can’t stop. It’s too much for some smokers. Half of all smokers WANT to quit. That is a fact. Only five percent of smokers can quit without help. Most who try without help go back to smoking within six months.

The rest paint themselves into a corner and the anxiety builds up, over time, and they ask for help. That’s usually the day the smoker just can’t take it anymore; the anxiety, the nervousness, the waiting, the coughing, the dragged-out sicknesses, the “need” and the addiction to wanting to feel normal again. That’s the tipping point – – when smokers either see someone they know or love dying from cigarettes, or breast cancer scares the pants (or bra) of them. Some near death experience jolts smokers into not just wanting to quit, but going after the best known remedy, natural remedy.

Four years ago, a Natural News investigative journalist invented a program that teaches smokers how to use chemical knowledge, behavior modification and superfood nutrition to kill the urge to smoke, thus kill the addiction entirely, for good. It’s called “14AndOut – the natural methodby health enthusiasts, and the Health Ranger has presented the trailer on NaturalNewsTV here. Preview the trailer and then continue reading. Save the web page as a favorite and share with smoking friends, relatives or coworkers who should quit. You know at least one or two. We all do.

“The most expensive habit that kills you the fastest is smoking” – The Stop Smoking King

The cost of lung cancer is going up. It’s happening faster and faster now, with GMO food in the mix. Quick, they say without saying, invest now in entire cartons of cigarettes, before the economic tsunami hits America, and inflation goes through the atmosphere! It’s a con. Wake up and quit smoking, quit eating cancer, quit drinking fluoride water. Wake up and quit putting toxins in your body and you will heal and feel amazing. Wake up wake up wake up! Drop the long term depressants and see how you feel. Keep reading.

Chemical Knowledge


Did you know … when smoking a commercial cigarette you are also smoking pesticide, bleach and glass wool? Yes pesticides or “cides” include insecticide, fungicide, algaecide, and if you eat, smoke or drink them you get a slow “suicide” over the years, as they break down your immune system, burn up all your nutrition, fill your cleansing organs with toxins, and burn the epithelial tissues inside your body, like the soft tissues of the bladder and prostate. You can put the breaks on now. End the “cides” that pollute your system and drive the anxiety, imbalance and fog the truth – you want to be healthy and happy. It’s time to modify your behaviors now that you know what you know. Don’t die off like a bug or a weed.

That’s what tobacco chemical agriculture and the manufacturing of ammonia laced nicotine cigarettes is all about – the business of money and bad health addicts. They are the “cides” of the society stuck in binge and purge mode forever. The CDC scare tactic programs don’t help them. The nicotine patch won’t help them. Cigarette addiction is based on the hangover feeling from the chemicals in the last cigarette smoked, and the relief comes in two forms, nicotine or quitting smoking, which do YOU choose? Great. Let’s talk about behavior modification then. Here we go.

Behavior Modification


Did you know … when taking a “drag” off a cigarette you inhale, hold, and exhale in a certain pattern you yourself have created? What if you kept breathing that way, as a break, whenever you WOULD HAVE had a cigarette, about a dozen long inhales, hold, exhale – – and do it outside in the fresh air, cold or hot, doesn’t matter. Do it and see how you feel better. You can laugh at your habit you’re dropping that YOU created.

Nutrition and Natural Health News

Did you know … since you ARE a smoker that you don’t eat right, you excuse yourself from eating healthy since you already know the cigarettes are “so bad” – isn’t that right? You don’t eat right – not raw organic vegetables and fruits. If you switch to 70% raw organic you will feel completely different, only to realize you are breaking another habit you created by excusing the cigarettes for your health. It’s a trade off you DON”T have to make, so don’t. Stop making the trade.


Infuse healthy food, superfoods, natural herbal remedies recommended by Naturopathic Physicians, yes, and learn some more behavior modification tricks from an EXPERT in how to “Stop Smoking Naturally” inside of fourteen days. Recommended by doctors, nurses, physical trainers, nutritionists and David Wolfe himself, check out “14AndOut” – the Natural Method. Welcome to OUR world of natural news health enthusiasts who have fun, live long and prosper.

For more information on how to quit cigarettes, how to quit vapor or electronic cigarettes – tune into the Natural News Tracker blog and make it your favorite, and Natural Health News links are below. Have fun and learn tons. Your carve who you are, how you are, and what is to come. Natural News and the Bloggers World is alive and kickin’!

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