The War on BUGS – not terror or cancer or drugs! – it’s the Hospital Superbugs!

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First off, there never really was a war on drugs. Politicians only care about loss of revenue when it comes to drug dealers, because they don’t pay taxes. Secondly, there was never a war on cancer either, just a fake corporate “search for the cure” to convince everyone to wear pink and march around, donating mass amounts of cold crisp cash to CEO’s that push fried chicken and aspartame while bankrolling donations under the guise of non-profit.

And that brings us to the fake war on terror, which is beholden to 9/11 and the indefinite US occupation of unstable Arab countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan. There are NO terrorists bombing stuff in the US, and if they did want to come here, they could just fly to Mexico, build their IED’s or dirty bombs and walk right across the Southern border of the US any given day, right into California…

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