Most smokers started in middle school or high school and never quit – locked into a deadly habit for decades

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high school smoker

What’s your story? You smoked some of your parents cigarettes to feel cool when you were in middle school, and that’s “all she wrote?” You smoked in the boys (or girls) bathroom in high school, and then at bars in college (again to look cool), and then once the 9-to-5 world slapped you in the face, you just HAD to smoke due to the stress, and that was all “she” wrote. You were hooked. No, wait, you started out with those dreaded Skoal bandits, dip, chewing tobacco, cigars and a few joints in junior high or high school and it progressed into smoking a pack a day–somewhere along the line? Can you blame peer pressure? Can you blame an older sister or brother, or a “hip” uncle or aunt? Either you didn’t understand the health detriment, you underestimated it, or you just didn’t give a damn at that point. You…

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