Best thing you can do for PTSD is avoid chemical consumption

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she soldier

When you have a lot to think about, to reflect on, to contemplate, and to plan for, you need a clear head and a stable heart. The last thing you need at these times are chemicals racing through your blood, unnaturally changing your body chemistry, manipulating your true feelings, making you worry about simple fixes, and clouding your vision, keeping you from the best life you can have, every day from here on. You may be able to diminish and possibly eliminate your post traumatic stress disorder. You need natural remedies, and they’re out there, you just have to know where to look. (

When you serve your country and you work hard, you deserve the best, in pay, rewards, awards, and you deserve the cleanest food, water and natural medicine on the planet–for all times–for when you’re healthy, for when you get a little sick, for when…

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