Confidence without cigarettes!

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Nearly fifty percent of smokers surveyed recently said they smoke for relaxation, because it calms their nerves. Most of the other half said it gives them some “pep” or a “boost” and that helps with attitude, planning, talking things out, work, and so on. Some people take short and fast drags to get some “pep.” Other smokers take long, slow drags to calm themselves down.
Long puffs, short puffs–it’s all still just artificial stimulation that poisons your lungs and liver


So then, ask yourself, do you smoke because your nerves are “fried” and you need them to settle down for a few minutes just to cope? Or is it that you have zero motivation, feel lethargic, a little useless, and maybe even depressed, and this hard core drug mixed with herbicide weed killer and pesticide bug killer is the way to cope, in the meantime, until something “bigger” comes…

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