The smoker’s workout …

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Sure, it sounds like an oxymoron right from the start, the “smoker’s workout,” but anything is possible in this world, so we start with a cigarette, of course, because without one, most smokers wouldn’t even read what’s next. Go ahead, we’ll wait for you to light it. Okay. Go ahead. We’ll be right here waiting …

Great. We’re back from the “break.” Hope you’re not too tired yet. We start off by considering your breathing habits and rituals. You’re saying … “What habits? What rituals?”

Most smokers don’t even realize that their breathing pattern when they are smoking a cigarette is BETTER than when they are not. That’s one of the main reasons cigarettes relax people’s nerves. Think about it … you take a long, slow drag (breathe in), you hold it for a few moments, then a long, slow exhale. If you take a dozen drags off a cigarette…

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