No problem is too small for a cigarette, when you’re addicted

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traffic cig (2)

Oh the stress, it weighs so heavy at times. It could be mental, physical, or worse, both. It’s usually is both. Then the emotions kick in, either right after the cigarette or when in DIRE need of one. Electricity bill just came and it’s too damn big this month? Cigarette break! It’s un-stress time. Just had a small argument with your spouse, roommate, coworker or boss? Smoke break! Almost got in an auto accident on the way home from work? Light up a cancer stick. Just came out of a movie at the movie theatre? Smoke a cig, or maybe a stogie or some nic-loaded vapor. Just got the relatives to leave your home after a long stint? Take some drags from a nasty habit. Getting ready for a job interview. Pack that pack and pull one out. Somebody stole something from you? Cigarette. Lost $100 gambling? Light one up…

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