Blog talk – The smoker’s headache and cough hits hard first thing in the morning

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The pack-a-day smoker wakes up coughing, often with a terrific headache. Relief only comes in one form – a cigarette. Whether it’s menthol or Marlboro reds, it’s all the same – jacked up nicotine that acts as a stimulant to snap you out of your funk, but only temporarily. You see, Big Tobacco has it all figured out. They formulated the “commercial” cigarette long before you were ever even born.

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Your body wants to detoxify when it sleeps. It slows down. The heart, the lungs, and meanwhile, the tar with all those chemicals move in and crush your alveoli, the tiny air sacks in your lungs that want to expand again when you wake and stand up. The body has work to do, but your lungs and brain want no part of it. Time for artificial stimulation in the form of freebased nicotine. Big tobacco uses ammonia to accomplish that…

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