Health Ranger Update Mission

These blogs are reflections and reports on hard hitting stories from Natural Health News. These articles and blogs are not necessarily endorsed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, but are simply following the Health Ranger’s work and his mission to inform the public about natural health news.

Attention Health Enthusiasts: We are here to dispel the myths brought to you and propagated by Big Pharma, Big Government, the FDA, the CDC, the EPA, the AMA and the ADA. The Feds, the scams, the hoaxes, Conventional Medicine fraud, fake medicine, the history of medicine, and much more are all revealed here for what they really do and DON’T do. There is a truth for everything out there. Seek it. Report it. Live it. This is the Global Remedy Investigator tracking Natural News and the Editor Mike Adams, also known as the Health Ranger and Director of Forensic Food Labs.

Read and write responsibly daily, it does a body and mind good!


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