Natural News Exclusive: “Nutrition Kicks the Cigarette Fix” – Quit Smoking Naturally in 14 Days

Most people are biased when they see someone smoking cigarettes and believe the smoker has a choice to quit smoking and is not taking advantage of it. Many people look down on smokers because they are polluting their bodies and the environment. Some people curse under their breath when they smell the smoke or get caught eating near a smoker who’s exhale is breezing over their way. What if we all really cared a whole lot about every smoker who wants to quit, but doesn’t know how. What if the addiction is such a hook that they’ve tried to quit several times, but failed? What if just about every program out there that’s sold to smokers to help them is really a big farce, a joke, a trick, to get them weak and turn them right back into smokers? Does the CDC care about smokers, or do they want them? Does anyone, any agency anywhere, regulate the potency of nicotine in commercially sold cigarettes? How strong are the strongest ones?

The pills can make you crazy, depressed, and cause you to freak out over little things, little problems that seem insurmountable, unsolvable, and it’s called fight or flight failure. Chantix and Zyban have some of the scariest side effects listed on any medication, but doctor’s sling around the prescription like it’s baby aspirin or something. The patch gives smokers just a few milligrams of nicotine steadily over the whole day, which is nothing like smoking. No wonder it fails most. The gum is a total joke. The scary ads on CDC don’t work. They report themselves to only help 4%, but when do those 4% go back to smoking, 6 months later? Where are those statistics?

There’s a program by an inventor who has compassion for smokers. Who doesn’t look at them funny or have biases. There’s a program that’s all natural and helps smokers do what THEY want to do, and that’s quit for good!

Natural News is in the forefront of caring about everyone who wants to be healthy, who strives to be whole, and who wants information about natural remedies that have worked for millions of people for centuries. This is the best news you can find about quitting smoking and getting healthy once again. Every smoker needs to read this and consider this option. Forget all the gimmicks sold to you by Big Pharma. Get even with the lies and get off cigarettes starting right now. You win by surviving yourself!

Quit Cigarettes. Change Your Life Forever!

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Let nutrition kick your cigarette fix, because when you kill the urge to smoke, you cut the habit naturally. Also, if you are not a smoker yourself, but you know someone who wants to quit, make sure they know about the dynamic duo, Maca and Mucuna. “Sanity” and good health for all smokers is just a click away! Read more on all of this research and keep up with natural news tracker daily:

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Stay positive. Quit Cigarettes. Change Your Life Forever!

Teenage smokers find refuge in organic food, a little exercise, and common sense approach to quitting smoking

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It may sound too easy, because cigarettes are nearly as addictive as cocaine and heroin, but exercise and organic food can change your life on a dime. Have you ever switched gears in a car and just stepped on the gas and accelerated from 20 to 50 mph in a few seconds? Have you ever had a moment of enlightenment where you just knew exactly what you wanted out of life, or out of that time period in your life? What if that time is right now, while you are reading this? If you smoke cigarettes, even just 2 or 3 a day, you are being dragged down, like in an undertow in the ocean, and you could drown in disease and dysfunction. Right now is the time to get moving, get smart, get free of the nicotine grip and shift gears! This is your moment of enlightenment, telling you about a better life you can lead, a great one, free of chemicals that impede your abilities, your thoughts, your potential in life. This is that moment, where you decide to become the organic being you were when you were brought into this world.

Natural News and Mike Adams are sharing vital information all smokers should know about, so they can make that great change, that shift in ritual and in behavior that makes ALL the difference. It’s time to read about exercise, superfoods and a program called 14AndOut. Here are the enlightenment links:

The raw, organic, vegan diet, for example, has helped individuals to quit in a casual, natural way

Study shows that a bit of exercise can curb the smoking habit:
“All of the teens increased their amount of daily physical activity just by being in the study. Those who increased the number of days in which they did at least 20 minutes of exercise — equivalent to a short walk — significantly reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked.”

Organic vitamins, supplements, Superfoods and Mucuna Herb may be the best kept secret of quitting smoking, ever! Check out what the Health Ranger and the Stop Smoking King have to offer you via video download. It’s called 14AndOut, and teaches smokers how to quit naturally in 14 days or less, whether you’re 16 years old or 60, whether you smoke 8 cigarettes a day or 20, or even 2 packs a day, you can quit!


14AndOut is a Natural News Exclusive Empowerment Program. The All Natural Method with a 90% Success Rate Celebrating 20 months of success:

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Welcome to the non-smoker family sharing how they quit using Natural Methods.