Health Ranger Special Notice: Ray of hope for cancer patients found in 5 superfoods!

 Health Ranger Special Notice:

Cancer has become the most dreaded disease in the modern world. Any person who is suffering from cancer loses all hope of survival if modern, expensive treatments fail to deliver the desired results. But there are certain foods that can help resist the growth and spread of cancer in the human body. A recent study by City of Hope Cancer Center near Los Angeles shows that five superfoods namely mushrooms, blueberries, pomegranates, cinnamon and grape seed extracts can fight cancer effectively. These foods can be obtained at any superstore and are available throughout the year.


It has been seen in the study that white button mushrooms work to slow the growth rate of breast cancer tumors. They target a protein enzyme called aromatase that is responsible for triggering breast cancer tumors. Similar activities from white mushrooms have been witnessed in cases of prostate cancer also. So, eating mushrooms can be helpful in preventing cancer cells to grow or spread. Blueberries are reported to play important roles in preventing cancer. Some compounds in the fruit work to shrink the size of the tumors in breast cancer. They prevent breast cancer cells from multiplying and even from surviving.

Pomegranate is another superfood that can be used to fight cancer. It contains six substances that can curb aromatose which fuels breast cancer. It is also useful in other forms of cancer such as colon cancer. Cinnamon which has long been used as an ingredient in foods and medicine has certain properties that fight cancer. It gives rise to a process called angionesis that blocks a protein which tumors utilize to keep blood flowing to the affected glands. Thus, cutting the blood supply to the tumors; cinnamon prevents their growth and survival.


Grape seed extracts are now known to be efficient cancer fighters as the compounds that they retain can curtail the powerful effects of aromatose significantly and thus stop breast cancer from growing and spreading. People all over the world can easily utilize these five superfoods to fight against cancer instead of spending money to get expensive treatments that have to date, failed to stop or cure the dreaded disease.


Why is critical thinking and free speech about politics considered terrorism by the U.S. Government?

If you are a really good farmer and you own a large parcel of land, why are you at risk for hostile Government takeover in the next four years?

If you have a PhD in Nutrition and run a store that sells supplements either on line or at a walk in store, why are you at risk for hostile Government takeover in the next four years?

If you are an investigative Journalist or reporter who does not work for the mainstream “laimstream” media, and you speak and write the truth about the IRS, drones, or the cure for diseases, why are you at risk for hostile Government persecution in the next four years?

Persecution | Definition at

Persecution: (noun)  A program or campaign to exterminate, drive away, or subjugate a people because of their religion, race, or beliefs.

What is happening to the constitution, and how does the Obama Administration simply BYPASS THE BILL OF WRITES with new bills, amendments, and basically “one man vetoes” of your basic human rights? Is it all based on 9/11 and the new terror threat? Should we bring back the 5 level terror threat “zombie” light that George W. made up, for all the stupid people who accept tyranny disguised as protection?

With Occupy Wall Street shedding light on police brutality and arrests that the US has not seen in a while, America has also seen journalists getting arrested – for simply having a press pass that the police doesn’t deem appropriate.

How is this affecting the state of press freedom in the country?

Dramatic scenes unfolding in the US during Occupy Wall Street clashes with police have been a must-cover event for a journalist.

Listen to Mike Adams cover an angle nobody else on the planet can put in such clear light. Listen to the Health Ranger tie together all the encompassing truths and expose the lies at the same time, bringing intelligence and journalism to the intelligent people who are still out there, making sense of a cruel, barbaric, neo-caveman rule of law, where men with cells phones and laptop computers in Washington D.C. dismantle every right our forefathers carved into stone for us.

Mike Adams, “The re-election of Obama was more than the mere selection of one man over another; it was an endorsement of a set of economic policies that are now launching America into a trajectory that can only end in economic disaster.”

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Cancer cure snuffed by FDA!! Get the Health Ranger Inside Story!

Dr.  Stanislaw Burzynski pioneered a treatment known as “antineoplastons” — a  treatment that causes brain tumors to VANISH in many children. These  antineoplastons, which are unique protein chains made from amino acids, also  work on many other cancers afflicting people young and old.

The cure rate  using antineoplastons is extraordinary. It’s not anywhere near 100%, but it’s  high enough to start saving millions of lives each year around the world RIGHT  NOW. And antineoplastons have zero negative side effects. You stay healthy and  vibrant while your cancer tumors melt away.

So you might think the cancer  industry would want to learn more about antineiplastons, right? You might think  some of the money people raise from those “walk for the cure” events would go to  fund more research on finding out WHY these antineoplastons work so well to cure  many cancers, wouldn’t you?

But no. Instead of embracing Dr. Burzynski’s  research, the cancer industry persecuted him.

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What is “Enerfood” equal to?


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Turmeric is one of the most researched natural remedies of modern science! 


Why? Turmeric is routinely used as a key spice in many South Asian and Middle Eastern nations and is even heavily embedded into Ayurvedic, a traditional system of medicine that originated thousands of years ago! Many traditional systems of medicine have recognized the ginger family relative known as turmeric as a ‘spice powerhouse’ of sorts. Check out tumeric benefits: This high quality natural remedy for healthy living can be found at the new Natural News Store:

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Adya Clarity imported as battery acid

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Is Organic Milk Illegal? What if it’s Raw?

Aajonus Vonderplanitz PhD, key informant in prosecution of Sharon Palmer and James Stewart, found to have faked academic credentials

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  • Supports the immune system*
  • Helps improve digestion*
  • Promotes healthy blood and liver functions*
  • Helps cleanse the skin and provide nourishment*

Some essential vitamins and nutrients** naturally found in turmeric include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3
  • Calcium
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Other phytonutrients
  • A whopping 5 to 8 times stronger than vitamin E and vitamin C!!
  • 3 times more powerful than grape seed or pine bark extract

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Adjusting back to normal life: Worried about chemical PTSD treatments and their side effects? Try this:


PTSD curable by healing touch and guided imagery, study confirms

Worried about PTSD treatment and its side effects? Here’s some good news for the military who have been out there in the battlefield to defend America’s causes in face of combat and bloodshed. Now they can get treated with the help of a non-invasive, non-toxic method which has no side effects at all and has proven success records among the users. A combined usage of healing touch and guided imagery has been deemed extremely successful and effective in causing ‘dramatic clinical reductions in post-traumatic stress disorder.’

Adjusting back to normal life

Considering the fact that PTSD is the Pentagon’s top priority, this treatment method has been recommended as it not only helps the person in adjusting back to normal life but also does that without harming the body in any way. This is definitely a much better option if compared to the toxic pharmaceuticals that the military treatments usually include.

According to a recently conducted study, healing touch has been claimed as being effective to the maximum extent. This is just scientific proof of the Health Ranger’s claims which are based on pure organic healing methods.

Strong and effective healing method

The fact is that the nation’s troops have faced two wars which have lasted for quite a long time. As a result, the military personnel had to be sent back again and again causing extremely serious cases of PTSD. In face of this, they need a strong and effective healing method which will not only help them in dealing with pain but also give them back their mental strength in tackling the after effects of prolonged combat.

According to Scripps Health, treatments inclusive of healing touch, “decrease anxiety and elicit relaxation…” On the other hand, guided imagery is a way of ‘utilizing the imagination to help a person reduce stress, decrease pain and enhance overall well-being through visual assistance.’

The study has verified that a combined treatment of HT + GI resulted in assured improvements in their quality of life and assisted them in getting out of their states of depression and cynicism.



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Strong and effective healing method

Healing touch and guided imagery

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Strong and effective healing method

Healing touch and guided imagery

Population Control, Eugenics, and the Whooping Cough – pregnant women pushed by CDC to get combo jab “shot”

Pertussis or whooping cough is a bacterial infection caused by Bordetella pertussis. Pertussis causes severe coughing spells and is most severe when it occurs early in life. After the introduction of pertussis-containing vaccines in the 1940s, the number of cases and deaths due to pertussis declined, however, then it increased again in the 1980s. Coincidence, or did the shots never really work at all?

On top of that, what’s all the huge fuss? Is there an epidemic? During the 1980s there were only 77 cases of fatal whooping cough, and on top of that, nine of the 10 non infant cases already had preexisting medical problems!

Oh my God, let’s go shoot up all the pregnant women with some chemicals that cause cancer so we can prevent this massive nightmare that 77 people died of in A WHOLE DECADE.

So what’s the plan? Kill off lots of innocent people, and protect the rich elites who know better than to get vaccinated, or eat GMO, or Aspartame, or get flu shots, and you get the point.

What is Eugenics? Let’s look at the big picture here and what Bill Gates has to say about it all, and what he wants to do with his billions, asap:

Eu-gen-ics; Noun: The science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics

Bill Gates: “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

How do you reduce the world population 15%

through vaccines?

If vaccines do WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO, then they build human immunity to deadly diseases, right? So then less babies die early, right? Less vaccinated humans who engage with “the sick” will die, right?  Because vaccines protect you from horrible deadly diseases that you can’t find immunity for any other way, right?

Wrong. Nutrients build immunity, but you have to know which ones, how much to use, and when! Herbs and Superfoods build immunity, but the “man” doesn’t want you to know. Bill Gates let the BIG LIE slip. He didn’t think we were listening. He thought he would just transmit his goal, his cause, his power hungry lie to his friends, and his business gurus. He admitted the BIG VACCINE LIE.

Think I’m making this up?
You can watch this yourself at:

This statement by Bill Gates was not made with any hesitation, stuttering or other indication that it might have been a mistake. It appears to have been a deliberate, calculated part of a well developed and coherent presentation.

So what does it mean when Bill Gates says “if we do a really great job on new vaccines… we could lower [world population] by 10 or 15 percent?”

Clearly, this statement implies that vaccines are a method of population reduction. So is “health care,” which all Natural News readers already know to be more of a “sick care” system that actually harms more people than it helps.

Learn more:

Now the CDC wants to poison all pregnant women with whooping cough vaccines that we know don’t even work!! Unbelievable.

Learn more:

The “formaldehyde” vaccine:

Now official U.S. government policy

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), which makes formal recommendations to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about vaccine guidelines, recently decided that all pregnant women should be vaccinated for whooping cough (pertussis). Defying up-to-date science showing that the vaccine does not even work, ACIP voted 14-0, with one abstention, to make it official U.S. government policy that pregnant women receive the jab, in order to supposedly pass on immunity to their babies.

Whooping cough vaccine loaded with toxic additives that obstruct fetal development:

Here’s what goes from

breast milk directly into the baby:

Formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, 2-phenoxyethanol, ammonium sulfate, and glutaraldehyde. The GlaxoSmithKline Tdap vaccine Boostrix contains a blend of antigens adsorbed onto aluminum salts, as well as the adjuvants aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate.

Formaldehyde, of course, was recently added to the National Toxicology Program (NTP)’s Report on Carcinogens as a known carcinogen, which means it causes cancer.

What’s the BIGGEST IRONY of it all?

Whooping cough outbreaks affect mostly people

that have already been vaccinated

The vast majority of those afflicted with whooping cough during recent outbreaks have been individuals that were already vaccinated for whooping cough, which proves the vaccine does not work.

Stay away from the “formaldehyde” vaccine!

Try superfoods and super nutrients and super minerals!

You can build your immunity naturally and fight off infection with colloidal silver, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Don’t know how? It’s time to learn:

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  Also check out Turmeric benefits, which are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

 Turmeric is one of the most researched natural remedies of modern science! 

 Why? Turmeric is routinely used as a key spice in many South Asian and Middle Eastern nations and is even heavily embedded into Ayurvedic, a traditional system of medicine that originated thousands of years ago! Many traditional systems of medicine have recognized the ginger family relative known as turmeric as a ‘spice powerhouse’ of sorts. Check out tumeric benefits: This high quality natural remedy for healthy living can be found at the new Natural News Store:

The truth. Natural News. Untainted News. Get the scoop.!/2012/10/monsanto-writes-its-own-fda-quote-to.html



TSA scanners cause cancer? Add it up with X-rays, microwave ovens, dental exams, breast cancer screenings, and yes, watch out!

Beware of terrorists! They cause cancer, did you know?! There are terrorists everywhere! They are in the airport security machines, at the dentist office, at the brain scanner room in the hospital, at the water purification plants. Yes, you had better watch out when you travel, especially, because you are a danger to the danger. You will be walking through machines that radiate you to find out if you are dangerous! Yes, you might as well put your head in your microwave oven and push “thaw.”

The naked body scanners might actually be removed, according to the story being covered by Natural News reporters. Why is that? The naked body scanners do a lot more than make you look naked for the perverts at the airports, the perverts who have criminal records but are still hired by TSA to check you out for danger!!

Everyone knows why x-ray technicians cover your genital area or your breasts when you get x-rayed, and why the tech runs out of the room during the “snapshots”. Cancer!! Exposure to radiation causes cancer. Oh, but throw all that out the window at the airport, cause who cares about some “long term” disease when there’s an immediate threat! Like people who take metal stuff on airplanes. After all, 9/11 wasn’t carried out by people with guns, they had box cutters. And the other “plane bombers” had gatorade, or contac solution, or maybe a book of matches!! OMG!

So how do we handle all this? No more liquid containers with more than 4 ounces, because lord knows anyone who’s watched MacGyver a few times can figure all that out! And let’s hire thugs and criminals fresh out of prison for rape and child molestation to work the toxic cancer causing scanners at the airport too! That’ll catch those crazy people who are trying to sneak guns onto planes, especially the ones who hide the guns in their anus, or behind their fake breasts!

Is that how the shoe bomber functioned? Did he hide the weaponry up his butt before he loaded up his shoe and tried to light it on fire? Or was that all staged?

Are you worried about how much exposure you’re getting to radiation? Is it feeding cancer? TSA doesn’t care. Corporate America doesn’t care. Airline companies don’t care. The FDA doesn’t care. The National Cancer Institute doesn’t care. Susan G. Komen Foundation doesn’t care. Fight regulations if you want change. Write congress. Write the CDC.. Write editorials for your local paper that generate support for taking scanners out of airports.

After months of complaints, negative feedback, bad press and no small amount of controversy, the Transportation Security Administration has announced it will begin removing its naked body scanners out of key airports around the country. Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security – which oversees the TSA – made the decision in recent days to pull the scanners from New York City’s LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International airports. Why did it take so long? And what’s the reason for the move? Read more Natural News coverage to find out!



Exemplifying move by India: GMOs to be pushed out

It may be one of the poorest nations in the world but India sure knows how to deal with health-unfriendly, so-called scientific developments by big-Ag powers like Monsanto. A high profile parliamentary panel in India has ordered the field tests of GM crops to be discontinued and all research should be done within strict containment. Though India’s chief of crop research doesn’t quite seem to be impressed by these recommendations stating that it would “paralyze research” and risk the nation’s food security, the panel’s chair, Basudeb Acharia, couldn’t seem to agree more. He said in clear words that India should not choose GMOs under any circumstances.

Now, the point is that these are just the recommendations of a panel, which the ministers, more specifically, the Prime Minister, is under no compulsion to follow. What remains to be seen is which way it goes. If we trace the history of GMOs in India, it will be clear that the nation has given a mixed reaction to these bio-engineered crops.   While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh welcomed GMO research for the sake of increasing agricultural productivity, his own ministers do not seem to share his line of thought. On the other hand, Monsanto was also accused of “bio-piracy” by India just a year back, which put a strain in the relationship between the pharma giant and India.

Though the panel’s recommendation does carry a lot of political relevance to it, whether it will be implemented or not is what remains to be seen. Advocates of GMOs would possibly place the example of genetically engineered cotton accounting for almost 93 percent of the total cotton production now (introduced as Bt-toxin carrying cotton in the year 2002).

The thing is, if India can at least place a high level parliamentary panel to decide the fate of GMOs and save its citizens from the woes of spending huge amounts in healthcare, then why can’t America do the same?