How the government makes laws to benefit corporations while harming citizens!!


According to Natural News, corporations make a fortune off selling cancer sticks and then chemotherapy. It might as well be packaged together, like coupons for chemo in the pack of cigarettes.

Now hemp on the other hand is illegal because hemp can be used as fuel, food, clothing, shelter and much more. The US government doesn’t want anyone growing something that would enable them to avoid going shopping, paying expensive electric bills or paying big money for fuel, or cure cancer. This would undermine several major industries that politicians profit from, and that is why they continue writing legislation to keep hemp illegal in the US.

Also, marijuana is illegal in the US because many people benefit from its use. Cannabis is said to heal many kinds of cancer, and people on chemotherapy like it because it gives them some appetite and gets rid of nausea. Plus, many people who smoke marijuana feel relaxed and non-materialistic. They seem satisfied with their lot and this undermines capitalism, which means less people buying stuff they don’t even need. That’s just not the American way!


Another reason cigarettes are legal is because they are taxed heavily and the government can use that money to buy rich vacations and dream homes for themselves. The corporation lobbyists for Big Tobacco give extravagant gifts to politicians so they will write legislation to help them push cigarettes on today’s youth and sell cigarettes to unknowing people who don’t understand the severe health detriment they are subjecting themselves to. This is well known because Camel got busted marketing to kids, and so did Marlboro.

One way to get off cigarettes for good, if you are addicted now, is to use the natural method called 14AndOut. This is an invention made up by a former smoker where you simply smoke organic tobacco for the last 14 days of your habit, while you use some simple behavior modification tricks and infuse nutrition to kill the urge to smoke. How brilliant! Natural News enthusiasts have been sharing this method with smokers they love and care about because they know it works. The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, recommends it and says that there are no gimmicks, no medications, just health freedom to gain.

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