The Anti-Science Fraud of Biotech/GMO

Don’t look up GMO! You don’t want to know what it stands for, nor what it contains. Do not look it up on Google, because you will find a definition provided by Bayer, Syngenta and Monsanto – – a definition that does not define the end result – – to a means of making billions of dollars by putting pesticide in food like corn, soy and canola.


Do not ask questions about GMO. It’s not patriotic, since lobbyists and politicians pay good money to endorse it. Do not look for GMO on labels of any foods, as you will not see it, for good, bad or ugly. GMO is not advertised on television either, even though the companies that engineer pesticide into food have millions and millions of dollars and say it’s safe and effective. It’s SO good for you they don’t need to make commercials touting it! Do not wonder about that. You are not smart enough to comprehend GMO. It is over your head. You do not need to understand anything about science, ever, when it comes to food. Just accept it all like you do the sun and the other stars in the sky. During the day, the sky is blue, and you eat GMO food too. It’s that simple. Also, in the name of GMO, do not blame food when and if you get cancer. This is “anti-science” and unpatriotic! Do not ask questions about what’s in your food, or your medicine for that matter, or vaccines, or the candy the stranger gives your kids on the street corner, because even strangers who eat GMO know that GMO is safe.




You are too dumb to understand anything about NASA, GMO or arithmetic.


2 + 2 = 4

pesticide + food = cancer and Alzheimer’s

Anti-Science means you don’t need science to prove anything you sell is safe (and that’s because it’s toxic and science would prove it).


Do not question anything ever, just be a robot stooge and obey the crooked schemes of your biotech masters: This has been a public service message from the organic world of health enthusiasts.



Bayer, Syngenta and Monsanto are the KINGS of the “Anti-Science” movement to hoodwink Americans into eating pesticide daily. They want you living in the dark. But there’s a cure!

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As covered on Natural, Jane Goodall covers new book and her own definitions of GMO:


Dame Jane argues that the advocates of GM food have ignored evidence of harm with the result it is they who are guilty of being “anti-science.” She says that intervention in the food chain comes in the form of biotech giants like Monsanto, Syngenta and Bayer have used their clout with governments and industry to force GMO crops and foods onto plates in the U.S. without first conducting proper safety tests. For Goodall, she sees GMO crops and foods as a “shocking corruption of the life forms of the planet.” She further noted that the GMO process, which involves placing foreign genes into plants and seeds to create toxins that work to ward off insects or give them immunity to chemical pesticides, has altered them in fundamental ways.”

Protect your body and family from the allopathic assault of cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, vaccines and GMO



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