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KRAVE KICKER is backed by clinical studies  – Dopamine is the feel good chemical our body creates naturally for reward and motivation. In a clinical study at Baylor Medical College in Texas, researchers discovered low dopamine levels are the main reason smokers relapse when trying to quit – because dopamine is released when smoking due to the drug nicotine. Over time, the addiction hijacks your motivation system. Krave Kicker solves that worldwide problem, naturally.

KRAVE KICKER is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research published in the British Medical Journal and National Institutes of Health show mucuna helps people with notoriously low dopamine levels raise them naturally, including Parkinson’s patients and smokers. Mucuna boosts memory, focus, and it catapults your natural feel good hormone production safely, without nicotine.

KRAVE KICKER contains top quality mucuna pruriens – also known as a superfood nootropic, that are known to help with sugar cravings by raising your dopamine level naturally,  because most people who consume too much sugar on a regular basis have low dopamine levels. Problem solved with Krave Kicker! 

High quality Mucuna Pruriens, like what we put in every Krave Kicker, contains 40% L-dopa, a natural precursor to dopamine production in the human body. 

In a peer-reviewed, clinical study published by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Scientists and doctors found that mucuna helps raise dopamine levels naturally for Parkinson’s patients, who have historically low dopamine levels. Mucuna acts as a catapult for the natural “feel good” hormone production. So it helped the Parkinson’s patients recover memory, focus and mood elevation.

Check out what the NooTropic Experts are saying about L-Dopa Mucuna

The amazing tropical superfood Mucuna Pruriens

L-DOPA (levodopa, L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) is an amino acid synthesized in your brain by the amino acid l-tyrosine. L-DOPA is a precursor of several neurotransmitters including dopamineepinephrine, and norepinephrine.

Mucuna Pruriens contains L-DOPA in high concentrations. And is used as a nootropic because dopamine itself cannot cross the blood-brain barrier.

Dopamine and norepinephrine are essential for memorycognition, and a positive mood. A lack of either of these neurotransmitters can lead to a lower mood state, loss of memory, brain fog, poor energy, and more. And if left unchecked will eventually result in neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.

L-DOPA helps:

  • Brain Health. L-DOPA helps to increase growth hormone levels in the brain. Boosting the production of neurons and glia cells affecting the formation of memories, and overall brain health.
  • Neurotransmitters. L-DOPA is a necessary precursor for your brain to make dopamine. And dopamine is then synthesized into the neurotransmitters epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Affecting cognition, learning, memory, movement, motivation and pleasure.
  • Neuroprotection. L-DOPA produces neuromelanins which are similar to the melanin pigment in your skin. In your brain they absorb toxic quinones, and chelate heavy metals like mercury and lead.

Reclaim your health, one step at a time.

Eventually, quit nicotine and get your memory, focus, taste, smell,

and normal breathing & critical thinking abilities return!

Sources for this research include:

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Special Note: Due to the corona virus situation, we want to assure our customers that our product is manufactured, bottled and shipped under the utmost of sterile conditions to protect everyone! We want you to stay safe and well. Thanks for your patronage. 

*Privacy: Also, your order information is kept private and is NOT shared with anyone. All purchases are secure via PayPal. All sales are final and all of our supplements come with a certificate of analysis (COA) and Krave Kicker is bottled and safety-sealed in an FDA-approved facility.

*Health Notes: Always consult a physician before taking supplements. Do not exceed more than 2 bottles of 2.5 oz. Krave Kicker per day. Also, do not take Krave Kicker if you are pregnant or nursing. 



KRAVE KICKER IS BACKED BY CLINICAL SCIENCE  – Dopamine is the feel good chemical our body creates naturally for reward and motivation. In a clinical study at Baylor Medical College in Texas, researchers discovered low dopamine levels are the main reason smokers relapse when trying to quit – because dopamine is released when smoking due to the drug nicotine. Over time, the addiction hijacks your motivation system. Krave Kicker solves that worldwide problem, naturally.

KRAVE KICKER IS BACKED BY PEER-REVIEWED SCIENCE  – Peer-reviewed scientific studies published in the British Medical Journal and National Institutes of Health show mucuna helps people with notoriously low dopamine levels raise them naturally, including Parkinson’s patients and smokers. Mucuna boosts memory, focus, and it catapults your natural feel good hormone production safely, without nicotine.

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Mark Twain once joked that, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” 

More than 35 million smokers and 15 million vape enthusiasts in America may just have a way to kick those cravings, especially when they can’t get to their nicotine. From the health writer who authored “Don’t Eat Cancer” and “Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days,” comes a mind-blowing beverage invention that could be a major stepping stone for people trying to cut back on cigarettes, switch to vaping, or find something healthy to quell those compelling cravings.

A new, proprietary blend of supplements that comes in one of those liquid “shots” (2.5 fluid ounces) contains a superfood you may not have heard about yet, called Mucuna Pruriens (also known as Cowitch or L-Dopa). The “shot” is also loaded with top quality, bioavailable vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin), vitamin C (as L-Ascorbic acid), and about half-a-cup-of-coffee-worth of natural caffeine from guarana. Smokers and people who vape can substitute with a healthy Krave Kicker and raise their dopamine levels safely, thus kicking the cravings of artificial stimulants and drugs that have nasty side effects and health repercussions.

Mucuna Prurians, a key ingredient in Krave Kicker, comes from a tropical bean that’s ground up and put in supplements. Krave Kicker is the only food or supplement beverage blend marketed for smokers and the vape community to help them when they can’t smoke or vape, like when they’re at work, traveling, or attending indoor events. The inventor has been recommending these supplements in his books for years.

Supplementing to control cravings more effective than ‘weaning’ with a patch or gum

The nicotine patch, for starters, is a scam that was invented by Big Tobacco to pretend to wean smokers off nicotine, but patches contain, on average, 7 to 21 milligrams of nicotine slowly released over time; whereas, a cigarette’s nicotine is treated with ammonia, potentially jacking up the fix to over 100 mg of vapor-ready nicotine.

Then you have the nicotine gum, and that’s much weaker than the patch, delivering only about 2 to 4 mg of “nic fix.” That’s about as useless for quitting as those scary CDC commercials. We won’t get into the prescription drug side effects, because most smokers already know those all too well. Let’s talk about science now and a natural remedy that was tested in clinical research studies and found to have positive results.

Dopamine is the “feel good” hormone our body creates naturally for reward and motivation. In a clinical study at Baylor Medical College in Texas, researchers discovered low dopamine levels are the main reason smokers relapse when trying to quit. That’s because dopamine is released when smoking due to the drug nicotine. Over time, the addiction hijacks the reward and motivation systems of the user. The authors of the study published their findings in a medical journal where they said the best treatment strategy is to elevate dopamine levels when the smoker can’t smoke. But how do you raise your dopamine levels safely and naturally?

Clinical research behind key supplements in Krave Kicker

Also, according to scientific research published by the National Institutes of Health, there’s a powerful link between sugar consumption and our body’s production of dopamine. People who over-indulge in sugar daily get a dopamine boost just before they eat it, and during. This is mental and physical. Over time, they must have sugar to feel that same boost, or now instead, they could try the natural dopamine booster Krave Kicker.

Plus, in a peer-reviewed, double-blind clinical and pharmacological study, published in the British Medical Journal, scientists and doctors discovered mucuna helps Parkinson’s patients catapult their dopamine production, since they have historically low dopamine levels, just like smokers. Mucuna also helped Parkinson’s patients recover memory and focus, as they experienced mood elevation.

People who try to quit smoking, or even when they can’t get to their nicotine fix, get cranky, nervous, anxious, depressed and/or stressed. That’s because dopamine is a brain chemical messenger that tells you to seek something enjoyable, so it’s the key to reward and motivation. For example, we release it when we take nicotine, have sex, or even just eat food we enjoy (think birthday cake).

Krave Kicker is a supplement beverage, so you feel BETTER than you do on nicotine or sugar-loaded junk science

Natural remedies are amazing because you feel great, without those crazy side effects, crashes, or long-term health consequences. So don’t go falling for the hook, line and sinker that mainstream media slings around, trying to discredit various forms of holistic and indigenous medicine. Natural products like Krave Kicker, the world’s first and only 2.5 oz. beverage that kicks cravings for nicotine and sugar, can help you attain better health, for less money and without those chemical-laden “side effects” you probably know all too well.

STOP SMOKING! Krave Kicker – Nicotine Alternative – Aug 2022

Functional beverage award-winning experts at Power Brands just helped the Krave Kicker brand blend a new “Extra Strength” formula of Krave Kicker beverage that’s more than twice as powerful and effective as the original formula.

The food scientists at Power Brands maintained the wonderful flavors of pomegranate and lemon-lime while increasing the dopamine boost and infusing vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin.

 This provides a much more potent boost for smokers and those who vape so those nagging nicotine cravings are extinguished for up to four hours. Now those looking to substitute something quite healthy for their nicotine ‘crutch’ can grab a 12-pack of “Extra Strength” Krave Kicker and end the addiction in 4 days or less. 

Krave Kicker is the world’s FIRST AND ONLY natural nicotine alternative that kicks nicotine cravings for up to 4 hours, without any nicotine, caffeine or sugar! Krave Kicker is a 2.5 ounce beverage “shot” that’s a blend of superfoods and supplements that really works. 

Krave Kicker is sustainable, effective, and the cleanest, best nicotine alternative on the market. 

Millions of smokers have tried the nicotine patch and/or nicotine gum, but remain addicted to nicotine for months or even years, spending thousands of dollars on the habit, still. This is a chance to escape the shackles once and for all, and do it naturally.

Krave Kicker is non-addictive, so there’s no crash, no withdrawal. Get ready to get happy and healthy again.

World’s BEST nicotine alternative Krave Kicker – organic liquid shot provides natural dopamine boost

Well, ’tis the season to … QUIT NICOTINE. From stocking stuffers to New Year’s resolutions, people and their cohort smokers want to quit, know it’s time to quit, have tried quitting before, but are ready for something DIFFERENT that works.

Welcome to the World of Krave Kicker, a commercial organic formula that combines superfoods and supplements to quash nicotine cravings for hours, allowing that all crucial physical addiction break from nicotine that comes after 3 to 4 days of cold turkey. After that, it’s all just simple behavior modifications. Who knew?

The ultimate and natural nicotine alternative has launched commercially in America.

First, there was 5-hour Energy, the ultimate B vitamin boost that the world needed so bad, and it came in little tasty liquid “shots.” Boom!

Now, there’s Krave Kicker, the ultimate dopamine boost that the world of smokers and vape enthusiasts need so bad, and it comes in a tasty little 2.5 ounce liquid shot that’s organic, nicotine-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, and tastes great!

Wow. No aftertaste. No mouth burn. No nausea. No indigestion. No addiction. No crash. No hangover. Nothing artificial. No GMOs. No preservatives (those are usually bad for your cells).

Clean. Effective. A natural remedy for the cigarette hangover from the “Cigarette Killer” himself. Enjoy a 12-pack of pomegranate or a 12-pack of lemon-lime flavor Krave Kicker, available online only at

Read about the innovative world of functional beverages now infiltrating the nicotine alternative world, so smokers can know about the benefits of a natural way to boost dopamine while balancing the central nervous system. It’s truly revolutionary!

Sources for this press release include:

Press Release: Krave Kicker Donations to Addiction Recover Centers

"Stop Smoking King" - Freedom 4U Starts Now!

In an effort to further CURB addiction in this country, the folks at Krave Kicker have begun donating funds to addiction recovery centers, beginning in Texas.

The folks at Krave Kickerjust donated $500 to WillowSpringsAddictionRecoveryCenter in Austin, Texas, which offers HOLISTIC SERVICES to help people beat addictions naturally.

But if it’s just cigarettes or vape you’re trying to quit, Krave Kicker functional beverage helps smokers kick nicotine cravings naturally with an innovative invention in the form of a tasty beverage “shot” that blends superfoods and supplements. How does it work?

Krave Kickerboosts dopamine levels naturally, helping CURB or even END nicotine addiction, which is NO JOKE, being that nicotine is the THIRD most addictive drug in the world.

So, if you want a natural way to kick nicotine addiction, check out Krave Kicker, the natural nicotine alternative available only ONLINE at…

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QUIT NICOTINE IN 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Krave Kicker is the world’s FIRST AND ONLY natural nicotine alternative that kicks nicotine cravings for up to 4 hours, without any nicotine, caffeine or sugar! Krave Kicker is a 2.5 ounce beverage “shot” that’s a blend of superfoods and supplements that really works. We are disrupting the $11 billion nicotine alternative market of gum and patches that keep people addicted to nicotine, with a natural, non-addictive solution! Just look at our website. Our product is top notch, the website is high end, and the brand and drinks are designed by functional beverage award-winning consultants and producers Power Brands!

Nicotine GUM can keep you ADDICTED to nicotine while causing headaches, obesity, insulin resistance, heart disease, and psychotic conditions – research reveals

It’s called nicotine replacement therapy, but is it that? How many millions of people around the world are simply replacing one horrible nicotine addiction with another, when they switch to the nicotine gum from cigarettes, chew, dip, patches, or vape? Nicotine gum is a $5 billion dollar market worldwide, and some leading manufacturers include pharma giants GSK and Johnson & Johnson (surprise, surprise). Guess who else sells it? Philip Morris International. Yes, Big Tobacco gets you coming and going.

Nicotine gum is sold over the counter as a smoking cessation product, but what good is it if you remain addicted to nicotine forever and pollute your body with other chemicals that cause massive health detriment over time? It’s horrible. You see, some people who quit smoking and switch to nicotine gum use it for years, even decades. They’re addicted to the nicotine and meanwhile are constantly consuming artificial sweeteners that cause a whole laundry list of health detriment.

It’s the nicotine that decimates the body, not just the chemicals in cigarettes

Want some over-the-counter (OTC) nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) that still restricts blood flow, oxygen flow, nutrient flow while causing hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance? That’s most brands of nicotine gum for you. Sold in almost every convenience store, tobacco shop, drug store, and Amazon, nic gum comes in many different strengths, but namely 2mg and 4mg of highly addictive nicotine.

The 2mg dose is for people who smoked about a pack a day or less, and 4mg for those who smoke more. Research reveals that long-term nicotine gum use is linked to insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia, the latter of which the insulin in your blood is too high, often associated with type 2 diabetes.

Though many people think the chemicals in cigarettes are what do so much damage to their body, little do they know that nicotine is the MAJOR constituent that leads to cardiovascular morbidity, insulin resistance syndrome (IRS), and other metabolic abnormalities. That’s why nicotine gum is supposed to be temporary and limited therapy, but most people can’t ever seem to quit it.

Nicotine gum delivers 2 to 4 mg of nicotine, often along with artificial sweeteners that decimate various systems in the body over time

So much for “smoke free” nicotine being a safer choice or even a temporary relief from the deadly habit of smoking. Most nicotine gum products contain health-damaging artificial ingredients, not just nicotine. Check your nicotine gum for artificial sweeteners that cause major health detriment, including aspartame, sucralose, and acesulfame K. An in-depth research study from just 18 months ago (December, 2020) revealed that a popular ingredient in nicotine gum, acesulfame K, induces E. coli growth in the gut (Escherichia coli K-12).

We all know what important roles gut microbes play in maintaining good health, and know we find out that artificial sweeteners found in most nicotine gum products adversely affects gut microbes. Surely Big Pharma knows this, including the companies that make and sell the NRT products. It gets worse. Artificial sweeteners, through several studies over the past few years, are revealed to be associated with psychotic conditions, hearing loss, headaches, cancer, and obesity.

That means the artificial ingredients in nicotine gums are causing physiological and psychological abnormalities in their hosts. That means ex-smokers who are ‘celebrating’ having quit cigarettes, but who are still addicted to nicotine gum, are living in a world of hurt that not even medical doctors are warning them about. Go figure.

People addicted to nicotine gum (or patches) would be pleased to find out there’s a product on the market that boosts dopamine production naturally and does not contain any nicotine nor anything artificial whatsoever. The natural nicotine alternative Krave Kicker is a superfood and supplement combination beverage sold as a liquid “shot” that helps people wean themselves off nicotine gum, nicotine patches, cigarettes, and vape. Say goodbye to nicotine for good, without polluting the body in the process.  

Tune your internet dial to for new ways to remove nicotine from your life for good.

Sources for this article include:

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When the grocery store shelves go bare…

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Inflation is now more than obvious, and it stings. It’s just a warning sign of what’s coming, and it could get quite ugly quite soon. Remember at the beginning of the scamdemic when toilet paper flew off the shelves and you couldn’t buy more than a pack at a time? Now it’s about $20 for a pack, and it might double in price this year.

Yet, somehow, not having TP to wipe your butt won’t be the worst of your problems, because you might not even need TP if you don’t have any food to eat.

Most Americans who “store” food don’t even do it “right.” They store corporate junk science “food stuff” that brings little to no nutrition into the body, and if it’s bare survival times, that won’t help them much at all.

Woman Eating Stacks of Donuts January 2003

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By Mike Adams // 9-Hour Audio Book + PDF

A “Global Reset” is now under way that aims to eliminate 90% of the human population on planet earth. This nine-hour audio book uncovers the knowledge you’ll need to survive.

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The Future of Nicotine Alternatives – Krave Kicker – announces commercial launch

It’s official. The trademarked, proprietary blend is now a commercial formula. Krave Kicker is a unique product with a functional name that’s about to take the nicotine alternative world by storm. This cutting-edge, innovative invention fulfills a major market niche/need for a clean nicotine alternative.

Krave Kicker has partnered with Power Brands, award-winning beverage consultants and producers (FITAID and LIFEAID).

This crafty, organic beverage is first in class – the first truly natural nicotine alternative, and first in a beverage, with two amazing flavors. Krave Kicker packs a potent punch that smokers crave.

For several decades now, the nicotine gum and patch have dominated this market, but at the cost of continued nicotine addiction, a chemical-tasting gum (from the nicotine), and nauseating patches.

Krave Kicker is proven effective and is backed by clinical studies of its key functional ingredients, as published in the British Medical Journal and by National Institutes of Health.

Healthy, Functional Beverage Industry is Booming

With functional beverages on the rise at a steady growth rate of about 15% per year, and an increasing demand for cleaner products, Krave Kicker looks to disrupt two massive, thriving markets. In fact, the nicotine patch market is currently worth $6 billion, and the nicotine gum $5 billion. These ‘loyal’ consumers would love a cleaner product (clean and organic) that boosts dopamine naturally and zeroes out cravings for hours.

Krave Kicker was market tested, including a sold-out, nation-wide 10,000 bottle pilot run, with glowing reviews. Unlike the competition, the “Natural Nicotine Alternative” delivers great taste, no nausea, no side effects, no chemicals, no drugs, nothing artificial, and no addictive qualities. Plus, the pricing is very competitive with the nicotine patch and nicotine gum.

A twelve pack of 2.5 ounce “shots” of Krave Kicker runs $48 retail on line, where a week’s supply of the patch or gum can run you the same or more, and that’s when they’re on sale.  

The founders of Krave Kicker spared no expense with this product and made it an easy, sensible choice. It’s nicotine-free, sugar-free, caffeine-free, affordable, convenient, and discreet for smokers, or for people who vape. Krave Kicker is made with high quality superfoods and supplements combined with great flavors designed by the best in the business.

This product is a true market disruptor. This emerging brand appeals to adults, men and women of any age, and can be used to cut back, substitute for, or quit nicotine use entirely.

Here’s more about the Krave Kicker team and their strong partnerships for the commercial design, production, promotion, and distribution, including:

1. Award-winning beverage consultants Power Brands for brand design, bottle design, and website design, also flavor and potency formulation, bottling at FDA-approved facility, preparing 12-packs of the 2.5 oz “shot” bottles.

2. Marketing 360 for social media ads and streaming video ads, plus SEO!

3. Flow Space – a digital infrastructure for powering ecommerce with top notch logistics, fulfillment, national distribution (hubs in every major US city)

Krave Kicker was founded by a twice-published health author and smoking cessation expert, Sean David Cohen, who realized several years ago that there were no natural nicotine-free alternatives on the market, so why not create one as a convenient and tasty liquid “shot!”

Big Question: How does Krave Kicker Work? Answer: The main reason smokers relapse when they are trying to quit is due to low dopamine levels. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter and chemical messenger that plays a vital role in how we feel pleasure. Krave Kicker is a potent vitamin and superfood blend that naturally and effectively boosts your dopamine levels. Problem solved.

Krave Kicker is available right now (for US-based customers) online only at For people who don’t vape or smoke, Krave Kicker is an excellent gift and ideal for New Year’s resolutions.