Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and brittle bones … all preventable and NOT genetic or “inherited” – your doctor lied!!

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Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, bone loss and brain fog … it’s ALL preventable, but still, every single MD in America will convince you that the majority of your health problems are genetic and inherited, and that is like running really bad software that approves lousy bank loans to borrowers that will surely default, because they are paying “exponential interest” on their health as they take the prescribed chemical pharmaceuticals and continue devouring chemical-laden foods, drinks, and being injected with toxic, carcinogenic vaccines and flu shots. There are “zombies” right now walking around in America who are at least 50 to 100 pounds overweight, if not 200, who need insulin, 5 to 10 prescription medications, aspirin, antacids, cough syrup, and probably cigarettes just to “get by” each and every day.

Statistics for Preventable Diseases Worldwide:

Estimated number of NEW cases of CANCER worldwide this year: 14…

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Train your Brain to Quit Smoking

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Cigarette addiction is powerful. The lethal toxins found in cigarettes include pesticide, ammonia and a laundry list of other elements that most people are unaware of, thus, overcoming the addiction is more complicated and difficult than people expect.

Let’s clear the clouds of doubt–the questions you have, and every reason we can find for why people don’t quit, why YOU haven’t quit, and then you can be 100% sure on your path. When people apply the patch or chew nicotine gum, they are only addressing one aspect (of possibly dozens) for quitting the smoking addiction—NICOTINE, and even with that, the quantities and qualities of that aspect are not measured properly, so the “weaning” process is skewed and usually doomed from the start.

Do you remember Jolt Cola? —it was that cola that had massive amounts of caffeine, but not nearly as much as today’s Red Bull or Monster! People overdose…

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Washington Post columnist admits to spreading GMO propaganda while collecting ‘plenty’ of money from biotech front groups

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Readers of Natural News know that most mainstream, legacy newspapers pretty much parrot the corporate line on everything from finances to banking to industry and food, especially genetically modified food.

As noted in a recent TruthWiki entry, one reporter who regularly shills for GMOs and profits from it is Tamar Haspel of the Washington Post. Truthwiki notes this phenomenon is called “buckraking” – profiting financially by promoting certain foods and products (and so-called “science”).

The site notes:

Most readers of the Washington Post would like to read actual news when they read the paper, but with Tamar Haspel at the wheel of the adulterated food conversation, they’re getting complete fiction – the industry-hack-written propaganda reiterated that says consuming chemicals is good for you, and chemicals are good to spray on the soil, the crops, the animals and the children. All chemicals are wonderful and are backed by solid science…

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Attention vaccine fanatics: your ‘shedders’ should stay home from school for 2 weeks after every LIVE virus inoculation

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Infectious disease-paranoid parents readily deliver their argument that anytime there is a measles, chicken pox or flu outbreak at a school, all of the non-vaccinated children are the culprits and need be banished from school until they get their inoculations. Ironically, it’s the vaccinated children who are the prime “carriers” or “shedders” of live viruses that they’ve been injected with recently, so who should we really avoid?

It is a scientific fact that any person injected with a live virus, even if it’s weakened or “inactive” due to toxic formaldehyde, can shed that virus via saliva or mucus to any person whether they are inoculated or not. This is even true when the inoculated “shedder” doesn’t come down with the disease or those particular strains of influenza themselves. When you also consider the fact that injecting mercury (thimerosal), aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde weakens the immune system by unnaturally shocking it…

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Mucuna, also known as velvet bean, can help curb your desire to smoke and drink

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According to Natural News, mucuna, also known as velvet bean, is capturing the interest of thousands of smokers who have the desire and the will to quit cigarettes but can’t handle the first couple of weeks of rollercoaster-like mood swings and basic withdrawal symptoms. The L-DOPA content of the unprocessed mucuna bean powder is so powerful that doctors are also using it help Parkinson’s patients restore mental clarity, and as a mood elevator. A new study reveals that mucuna just might be that “missing rung” in the ladder that leads to great health for thousands more soon-to-be ex-smokers.

The mucuna extract contains a significant amount of naturally occurring L-DOPA, an amino acid which converts into dopamine. Most commonly sold in powder form, this “herbal” remedy can be found all over the internet, and the 60 percent concentration can be found in vegetarian capsules that are high quality.

This wondrous Ayurvedic Indian herb is known by many names, including sea bean, buffalo bean, DopaBean, pruriens, cowitch, skapikachhu and atmagupta. The main medicinal benefits come from the seeds, but the pod and the roots can also be used. The velvety beans are actually drift seeds, meaning they can float away on ocean currents and re-plant themselves all over the world.

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Mucuna pruriens contains 40mg/g of a compound called L-DOPA, which is a direct precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine works as one of the best natural HGH releasers (human growth hormone) by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase its production. High levels throughout life of the body’s own natural growth hormone (not hormones from the synthetic injections) is known to be a major key for human longevity.

Dopamine also increases other youth hormones such as testosterone (it must be mentioned that these increases are never throwing the endocrine system out of balance, merely improving levels which tend to decrease over time in the average person). These resulting increased levels of these hormones from the use of Mucuna pruriens extracts, powders and/or raw herbs explains its association with increasing libido, fertility and lean muscle mass, reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles and body fat, increasing bone density and even boosting overall energy levels.

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The War on BUGS – not terror or cancer or drugs! – it’s the Hospital Superbugs!

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First off, there never really was a war on drugs. Politicians only care about loss of revenue when it comes to drug dealers, because they don’t pay taxes. Secondly, there was never a war on cancer either, just a fake corporate “search for the cure” to convince everyone to wear pink and march around, donating mass amounts of cold crisp cash to CEO’s that push fried chicken and aspartame while bankrolling donations under the guise of non-profit.

And that brings us to the fake war on terror, which is beholden to 9/11 and the indefinite US occupation of unstable Arab countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan. There are NO terrorists bombing stuff in the US, and if they did want to come here, they could just fly to Mexico, build their IED’s or dirty bombs and walk right across the Southern border of the US any given day, right into California…

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