Bad medical advice and exactly WHAT it “gets you” – an early grave!

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What if you go to the doctor to get advice on how to quit cigarettes and he or she writes you a prescription for a drug that is supposed to block your “nicotine receptors” in your brain so that even if you do smoke, your brain can’t access the nicotine, and you won’t have any more cravings? What if that same doctor informs you of the side effects, all in the name of being honest and forthright, and you sit and not only listen to the list, but you process it in your brain, wondering whether these side effects are better, or worse, than the ill-health effects your getting from cigarettes? At what point in our “great country” did medicine become so corrupt, where anyone has to actually consider whether “side effects” of medication could mean permanent health damage and possibly the death of you? Are cigarettes worse or the…

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Best thing you can do for PTSD is avoid chemical consumption

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When you have a lot to think about, to reflect on, to contemplate, and to plan for, you need a clear head and a stable heart. The last thing you need at these times are chemicals racing through your blood, unnaturally changing your body chemistry, manipulating your true feelings, making you worry about simple fixes, and clouding your vision, keeping you from the best life you can have, every day from here on. You may be able to diminish and possibly eliminate your post traumatic stress disorder. You need natural remedies, and they’re out there, you just have to know where to look. (

When you serve your country and you work hard, you deserve the best, in pay, rewards, awards, and you deserve the cleanest food, water and natural medicine on the planet–for all times–for when you’re healthy, for when you get a little sick, for when…

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CAFOs, GMO and Chemo – What you don’t know WILL break your system down!

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Walk slowly through a field of crops being sprayed with Monsanto’s toxic herbicide called Roundup and try to breathe deeply as you inhale some of the same ingredients used in Zyklon B, the death chamber gasses Hitler used to kill about 3,000,000 people just 70 years ago. Do exactly what the MD and the oncologist tell you to do and you find yourself nauseated for hours on end, with an immune system that’s totally incapacitated by the very medicine (chemotherapy) designed by Nazi scientists AFTER they were released from prison for mass murder and then hired by U.S. pharmaceutical companies and corporations. Stroll slowly through an American superstore or grocery store and nine out of every ten products contain pesticides, heavy metal toxins, synthetic cell-mutating additives and preservatives, artery-clogging animal fat, insecticide-laced corn sugar and other KNOWN carcinogens the FDA allows in food. Step into any U.S. clinic, grocery store…

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Most smokers started in middle school or high school and never quit – locked into a deadly habit for decades

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What’s your story? You smoked some of your parents cigarettes to feel cool when you were in middle school, and that’s “all she wrote?” You smoked in the boys (or girls) bathroom in high school, and then at bars in college (again to look cool), and then once the 9-to-5 world slapped you in the face, you just HAD to smoke due to the stress, and that was all “she” wrote. You were hooked. No, wait, you started out with those dreaded Skoal bandits, dip, chewing tobacco, cigars and a few joints in junior high or high school and it progressed into smoking a pack a day–somewhere along the line? Can you blame peer pressure? Can you blame an older sister or brother, or a “hip” uncle or aunt? Either you didn’t understand the health detriment, you underestimated it, or you just didn’t give a damn at that point. You…

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Top 21 Reasons to Stop Smoking by 2016

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Nobody even warns you anymore, or asks you to quit, or tells you how bad they are for you, or tells you a list of crazy chemical ingredients in those cigarettes anymore because you’ve put up shields–they’ve been warned not to bother you because it’s just no use. Sometimes, though, you stand around thinking, usually while you’re smoking, about quitting those damned things for good and turning some things around, like how you breathe, smell, and how others perceive you. Smokers don’t get much sympathy either. Addictions are like dark secrets, except for smokers, it’s all exposed. You can’t hide the smell that trails you into the house or office. You can’t hide the burn holes in clothes and the car, well, that’s a whole issue in and of itself. It’s been quite dangerous at times, too, like when you fall asleep with a lit one, or almost fall asleep…

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Bayer has Nazi roots – know your enemy!

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A German chemical pharmaceutical company specializing in human and veterinary drugs, agricultural chemicals and biotechnology (GMO), Bayer AG was founded back in the 1860s, and was consumed by the Big Pharma conglomerate IG Farben, short for Interessengemeinschaft Farben, during the Nazi reign before and during WWII. After the war, IG Farben was redistributed into smaller (but still enormous) companies, and the German mass murderers who were scientists hired by Hitler to kill millions of Jews and others with noxious gases and sodium fluoride (same kind as in tap water today) – these same scientists were hired, after doing just 4 to 7 years in prison for the war crimes (3), to create chemical-based food preservatives, chemical pesticides, and later GMO, and Bayer would be one of the top six producers of these cancer-causing herbicides, insecticides and pharmaceutical medications that quell the symptoms of cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


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