Fake Terror Plot? – A Natural News Inside look at the “story” cooked up for the news

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As reported by J.D. Heyes on Natural Health News this morning:

“The Justice Department announced again recently that the FBI had managed to thwart yet another domestic terrorism scheme, but a closer examination of the plot reveals, once more, that the nation’s top federal law enforcement agency is pretty good at disrupting self-made plans.

As reported by investigative news site The Intercept, a recent Justice Department press release stated that “the Joint Terrorism Task Force has arrested a Cincinnati-area man for a plot to attack the U.S. Capitol and kill government officials.”

The alleged terrorist was furthered identified as 20-year-old Christopher Cornell — an unemployed, lives-at-home young man who spends the bulk of his time playing video games in his bedroom, still calls his mother “mommy” and considers his cat his best friend.”

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048781_FBI_terror_plots_government_propaganda.html#ixzz3Sx2HsXOl

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Quit Smoking without Medication – – Without Gimmicks — And Learn How in 60 Minute “All Natural” Video Lesson

she smokes you don't

Quit Smoking Naturally by video in 60 minutes. Learn from an ex-smoker and a researcher who figured out exactly HOW cigarettes affect your body, exactly how to MODIFY your behaviors, and exactly what NUTRITION you are lacking and need to recover, quit, and never return to smoking again! This is it. This is the program as a 60 minute course you’ve been waiting for. I know you have the will, NOW you have the WAY!

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Here’s what you learn in 60 minutes:

Why 14AndOut has proven results and a high success ratio for getting smokers to stop smoking forever. Why 95% of smokers who quit without help go back within 6 months. The risks of taking pharmaceuticals like Chantix and Zyban. Find out how and why the nicotine potency you’re getting is 35 times stronger than you think. Whether you smoke a pack a day or two packs a day, you can still quit within two weeks. Even if you’ve been smoking for twenty years, these strategies apply to you. Say goodbye to nervousness, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and a host of others symptoms of smokers who stop smoking. This course is 100% natural and organic. The knowledge you gain from the 14AndOut video is yours forever; nobody can steal it and you can’t lend it out and forget to get it back. As a non-smoker, you won’t be a burden for those around you, including the ones you love most. You will save thousands of dollars and have new energy for the extra-curricular activities you enjoy. This can be YOU, starting today. This system works. It’s all natural. No medication. No gimmicks. A one-time-fee and no monthly charges, ever. Imagine how GREAT your life could be WITHOUT cigarettes!

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  • “I quit 4 days after starting 14andout! Once you explained to me about my breathing habit and about ammonia and pesticide in the tobacco, I followed everything else you said to do, including the supplements and I don’t even have cravings anymore!!! Thank you, Mike G.”
  • “I kept saying to myself that its never a good time to quit, because I’m always stressed and I didn’t want to be more stressed, but 14andout gave me insight into my problem and advice on nutrition AND how to stay positive the whole time. I watched the video and did the hands on activities. that’s what got me to quit! I highly recommend this program, even if you’re stressed out. Any smokers out there, if you’re saying ‘It’s not a good time to quit, well, hey, it’s NEVER a good time to die! Check out 14andout, this guy will show you why you haven’t quit yet, and you’ll finally know how to!” Allen C., Athens, GA
  • “14AndOut is a breakthrough course that frees smokers from the core habits that trap them in a pattern of smoking. Far more than just a chemical cure, it’s a behavioral approach that delivers lasting results for people who want to stop smoking for life!” – Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of NaturalNews.com
  • I smoked a pack a day for twenty years, now I�ve quit for good. My business is doing better and so am I, thanks to 14andout. – P. Gordon
  • The 14 AndOut course offers insight into the vicious cycle smokers find themselves trapped in, and offers a lot of strategies for replacing those bad habits with good behaviors, right from the start.

Trick “News IQ Quiz” going viral on internet for the masses to “try for fun”

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obama stinks (2)

Here are the “Trick Survey” answers (that aren’t provided as a choice, conveniently). The survey was posted by Pew Research Center recently (numbers, facts and trends shaping your world) – What a joke!

#1. Where (and what) is ISIS (what country do they function in)? Bad news for the patriot masses: The U.S. created ISIS just like we created Al Qaiada. We give money to rebels to purposely and further disrupt unstable governments in third world countries that have lots of natural resources we can then steal during a declared “war” on terrorism, including Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. The US actually supports pharmaceutical terrorism all over the world, especially in African nations.


#2. What does the term “common core” refer to: Common core means true history is covered up and American schools teach the kids convenient lies so they’ll think things like, “war is good for the…

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The time to speak up is now! Are you worried about all the TOXINS they put in vaccines now?

baby sick

Don’t stand idly by while your freedom not to vaccinate is taken away

The obvious agenda in all this is to scare those who still have souls into keeping quiet and following the status quo, even if they believe otherwise on this critical issue. But what those at the top of the pyramid fail to realize is that, by stirring the pot in this sinister way, many a sleeping sheep is slowly awakening to what’s really going on behind the curtain.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048744_vaccine_witch_hunt_Jack_Wolfson_medical_obedience.html#ixzz3SfoWILsb

For most of your life, a chemical that makes you FAT has been emanating from your teflon pan!

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brain dr (2)

It’s not BPA and it’s not phthalates, so if you’re about to stop reading this, don’t. Please, continue and learn something new. You knew about Bisphenol-A and Phthalates, but you didn’t know much about the chemical coming from teflon pans when you cook with them. Do you still use them daily? How about multiple times a day?

canola salad (2)

Purify your water, ladies check your makeup/cosmetics for phthalates, and then get healthy cookware for your kitchen. Even just one or two pots/pans you’ll use regularly instead of the poison-emiting ones you still have in the kitchen. Get rid of the synthetic compounds floating around in your blood, day in and day out. Get rid of the canned foods, for the most part, because they’ll most likely all contain high amounts of BPA, not to mention heavy metal toxins. Yes, you probably already knew about Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Phthalates, but who knew about…

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Stick to your guns and QUIT smoking – it was your new year’s resolution … remember

aloe vera

No time to waste here. Buy at least three of the top seven superfoods. Buy spring water. Buy organic chocolate. The “New Year” has begun, according to that popular calendar, and anybody who promised themselves to quit smoking really, really wants to quit, like you. So you step up to the plate and you’re ready to hit a home run. Willpower is your aluminum bat. A specific natural remedy is your perfect pitch. Your simple, methodical actions now will dictate if that ball goes “over the fence” when you swing your bat. Today is the first day of the rest of your life… as a non-smoker.

Enter nutrition. Exit cigarettes. People think that it’s too complicated to eat healthy, but the reward is phenomenal. You see these people at the gym, going to yoga camps or running down your neighborhood block, religiously, staying in shape. They have flat stomachs and they seem very methodical about their business and pleasure. They have rituals. It’s not thanks to good genes. It’s thanks to creating an environment without toxins, in their bodies and all around them. They have their work-out clothes and their iPods. They have their smoothie shakes and their protein powders. They’re not smokers.

So what can you do about it? What simple method is out there to filter hundreds of toxins from your daily intake? Where do you start, because it’s NOT too much to think about — being healthy and loving it.

Raw organic fruits, vegetables and natural supplements

Step one begins now. Stop eating garbage food. Don’t finish what you have in your refrigerator and don’t consume what’s in your pantry. Consider it all a waste of money and move on. Positive thinking defies gravity, but regret weighs a ton. Step two: Go to a health food store, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, or better yet your local farmers’ market and buy enough organic fruits and vegetables to last you three days. This includes salads, snacks, smoothies, meals and, of course, desserts. Also, buy some spring water, enough for three days and nights. This is key. Time to flush your toxins down the toilet, literally.

Step three: Go to the vitamin shop or, if you’re at Whole Foods, you will most likely find maca powder, vitamin D and organic mineral complex. Look for the words “certified organic” on the vitamins and minerals. Start finding pictures and recipes for your organic fruits and vegetables immediately. This is not complicated. This is simple. This is more important than anything else you do right now. You are QUITTING smoking. If anyone has anything negative to say, or makes a mockery of your actions, they are your enemies and should be ignored to the fullest extent. Your quality of life and longevity depend on it. If people have positive things to say about your actions — what you eat and drink and the natural supplements you consume regularly, then soak up their compliments about the NEW YOU, and keep moving forward at the speed of light. Your life will change drastically as the 7,000 chemicals leave you body and never re-enter. Your work, love life, personal goals and aspirations all come to life like never before.


A one-hour course on video with the “Stop Smoking King” – Learn the natural method!

If you have the willpower, which you obviously do because you made the New Year resolution to quit cigarettes, you now have the way. Once you supplement your body with essential nutrients, you will NOT crave cigarettes. Get rid of all that anxiety and stress and pour love into your dreams. Get a flat stomach and clean lungs. Now you won’t have to cough hard when you laugh hard. Get it?

Move forward with your promise to yourself. There is no time like RIGHT NOW… Click below to watch the free preview of the natural method 14AndOut.


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048379_cigarettes_quit_smoking_New_Years_resolution.html#ixzz3PeTWCse9

Amen every second

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Amen every second

That’s what I say

I thank God

for every moment

or i would have nothing

because i have something




So amen every second

no need to “close” a prayer

just keep it going

for every moment

and you’ll have “something”



by: Sean David Cohen – “Natural News Tracker”

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In the “Third Seal” of Consciousness

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All the seals of consciousness are designed for each of us to awaken and be aware of our conscious truth and alignment. We are now moving into the 3rd seal of consciousness and awakening.

The color band is yellow.

kids play yellow field

We have already moved through the first and second seals of extreme fear-based, herd-based truths.

By the way, the first two levels are the most disconnected from our knowing the truth of who we are, source and SOUL consciousness.

The first 2 levels hold us within an altered state, of fear, fear within our egos.

That separates us from our source!

The source of knowing and soul alignment.


Move into the third seal

Know who you are

and why you are here.

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New study done at University of Haifa shows omega-3 supplementation kills the cravings of cigarettes

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sun palms

New study done at University of Haifa shows omega-3 supplementation kills the cravings of cigarettes, helping smokers quit. Dr. Sharon Rabinovitz Shenkar, head of the psychopharmacology laboratory and the criminology department, conducted the study and came to some very interesting conclusions that the natural health community has pondered for years. “Earlier studies have proven that an imbalance in omega-3 is also related to mental health, depression and the ability to cope with pressure and stress. Pressure and stress, in turn, are associated with the urge to smoke.” If you or a loved one smokes commercial cigarettes now and have the will to quit, there is a natural way. A streaming 60-minute video recommended by the Health Ranger can teach you how to wean yourself off cigarettes in 14 days or less with 14AndOut. Watch the trailer and make a decision about your health and how you want to feel every…

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The uproar behind the “all lives matter” letter addressed to students by the President of a college in Northampton!

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mlk (2)

According to Natural News, in the aftermath of grand jury decisions not to indict white police officers in the deaths of black suspects in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City recently, a number of Americans have protested what they view as inherent — and often racial — injustice in the justice system.

Many protestors have adopted a slogan, “Black lives matter,” in recent days, again to shine a light on the fact that the deceased suspects in both of these cases were African American.

Kathleen McCartney, president of the very prestigious Smith College, in Northampton, Massachusetts, not only agreed with these protestors, but she went on to point out what should be inherently obvious to most — people of all races matter.

Reflecting that belief, she wrote an email to the student body at the institution recently “attempting to show support for students protesting [the] racially charged grand jury…

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