To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? – – The number one argumentative discussion of the health industry today that can get you verbally assaulted

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By David Rice; Investigative Journalist

“To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?”… If you bring it up at a social gathering, with teachers in public schools, at your office, at the doctors office, or even just on the phone with your MD or the nurse, be VERY careful because you might get verbally assaulted.

Here’s how a “vaccination” conversation often goes with someone you know. “I just got my flu shot. Did you get yours this year?” “No, we don’t do the vaccine thing.” “Wait, you mean you don’t get any vaccines at all, like for measles or polio, or small pox or whatever?” “Nope.” “Wait, what about like, immunity. How will you fight off an infectious disease? Aren’t you scared you’ll catch one? You could die. Oh, yeah, you’re a health nut though, right. I forgot.” “Yeah, pretty much. The right foods, superfoods, herbs and tinctures provide you with all that ‘immunity’ you’re so worried about, so I avoid getting mercury and embalming fluid jabbed into my arm.” “Oh, so I’m stupid because I don’t want to catch some deadly disease?” “No, you’re smart because you’re getting toxins injected into your body in order to protect yourself from other toxins and pathogens.” “Oh, so now you wanna talk medical terms?!” (and you know where it goes from here).

Heavy metal toxins in VACCINES and the MAJOR COVER-UP by CDC

Just because mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG are listed on vaccine inserts and on the CDC website doesn’t mean the CDC hasn’t covered up the fact that these are highly dangerous to inject into muscle tissue, at any amount. You see, when people are scared “to death” about infectious diseases because they’ve read propaganda that exaggerates and makes poster children of the most extreme cases, they don’t look anything up at all, they just do what the doctor says. But here in the West, doctors are of two major variety, one of pharmaceuticals and surgery, and the other of nutrition. The former use prescription lab-concoctions that go completely untested for effectiveness and safety and are cross-prescribed for conditions they’re not even supposed to help or treat at all in the first place. This is legal in the West, where Americans figure because “doc” went to eight years of medical school that he/she knows everything about immunity too, unfortunately, he/she knows very, very little, and sells just the opposite – immunity destruction, even if it is most often delivered in tiny tablets and microscopic injections over time. Chronic care is chronic care. It assumes everyone is weak, genetically malformed, insufficient to fight off any bacteria, disease, infection or cell disorder, and that we must stick needles into our muscle tissue and inject live viruses mixed with genetically modified bacteria in order to somehow feel safe, when the all the charts and graphs in the world will show you that infectious disease was fading away BEFORE vaccines were even pushed on the unknowing masses.

On the Internet, you will find TROLLS that LIE for Big Pharma

The internet is totally deceiving if you try to look up information about the heavy metal toxins still put in vaccines today. Just try to look up “most toxic vaccine ingredients” or “mercury and formaldehyde still in vaccines” and see what you get. Then you have the anti-science websites and blogs everywhere that ARE allowed to run the gamut on mainstream news sites, that exploit fears of infectious diseases and help stage “outbreaks” that aren’t a real threat at all, well, not to the “unvaccinated” and educated.

Start a conversation about vaccines being worthless with just about anyone you know in the medical field and see what happens. You get verbally assaulted or they completely dismiss you as a conspiracy theorist or some kind of medical invalid.

Tell people you know that you get your immunity from whole organic raw foods, oil of oregano, garlic, vitamin D, cinnamon, licorice root, aloe, hemp seed oil, medicinal mushrooms and colloidal silver and they talk to you like you’re some hippie nature freak who is against everything medical and scientific, including surgery, space exploration and proving medicines work in laboratories before administering to the public. In actuality, those “agro” (aggressive) rebuttals to Nature’s healing are based themselves on ignorance, because the system has convinced them vaccines eradicated infectious diseases, when they have no evidence of anything scientific that this is true. In other words, THEY are anti-science and they don’t even know it.

Banning the unvaccinated from school is banning the healthy kids, not the sick!

More than a million people in the US are infected with HIV, but the government doesn’t ban them from attending school. This includes children. Just three years ago, health officials reported nearly two million Americans infected with tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, and as many as three million infected with hepatitis C. They are all allowed to get their public education.

Currently, if you get a live virus vaccination, like oral polio vaccines or influenza (flu shots), you are a temporary carrier of that virus, able to “shed” it and give it to others, especially those people around you that have highly compromised immune systems. Guess who those people are? Those who are vaccinated with mercury (listed as thimerosal on vaccine insert), aluminum, formaldehyde and monosodium glutamate.

These “vaxxed” people’s immune system is UNDER ATTACK by mixed GM bacteria and viruses, still alive, and mixing with highly toxic heavy metals that should not ever be eaten, much less injected into muscle tissue. These folks are all allowed to attend public school. No questions asked.

For thirty five years (1963 – 1998), doctors gave live oral polio vaccines to millions of healthy American kids who became infected and shed fluids to other children. Some of these other kids contracted THAT strain of polio paralysis and died. How long are kids “shedders” and why aren’t they told to stay home from school with the unvaccinated?

Staged Measles Scares at Disney World and Universities all around USA

Measles, for the most part, is not some deadly, viral infectious disease that people should be freaking out about when they hear of a couple cases in the news. Still, the mass media approach to all infectious disease is to panic and run out and get some kind of inoculation, for everything known to man, as many times as possible, and as often as possible. The media tells you to get the flu shot every year, even when they admit it doesn’t work, like this past fall and winter. Plus, it says on the flu shot insert NEVER to get more than ONE in a lifetime. Who knows that?

Should we all surrender our liberties to Anti-Science freaks who base their assaulting arguments on faked research by the CDC?

What was swine flu but a genetically modified virus created in a laboratory and spread among the people to test reactions and vaccine purchases under duress.

Currently, in the year 2015, the severely immune-compromised vaccinated child, by the age of six, has received 50 doses of mixed toxins shot into muscle tissue and never tested for safety or effectiveness. No wonder one in sixty eight boys have autism! Still, the VIC, the vaccine industrial complex, which has its own court to settle for health damages it causes, pushes for legislation in Congress to eliminate all non-medical vaccine exemptions, and if successful, will have every MD bowing down to pressure NOT to serve a single unvaccinated “patient” ever again. Schools will be wrought with sick children shedding live infectious diseases and they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves when the “SHTF” – – and probably sooner than later.

Still want to burn the witches? Don’t be anti-science. Just relax and look up the toxins that are in today’s vaccines. You can have a civil conversation and build your immunity in a natural way. It’s never too late to go organic.

Lastly, if you decide to have that “vaccine discussion” with anyone you know, be sure first that they don’t work for CPS, who kidnaps children from parents who don’t go along with the status quo, which is chemotherapy, psychotropic medications, mercury-laced vaccinations and “private sessions” with the highly paid staff. There are plenty of reports, in case you are wondering about that right now. Check these first and see:

More excellent sources:


Raw organic fruits and vegetables can cure cancer, so why don’t oncologists tell their patients?

Fields of Toxic Corn from Sea to Shining Sea – What was the dream again?

gmo bio

Global remedy investigator reporting:

According to Natural News, recent documentaries show entire fields of genetically modified corn that all look plastic, with not a bug or bird in sight, not a butterfly or a gnat or a fly, but why? Did you know that a diet containing GM soy and maize fed to rats for just 90 days caused a wide range of toxic effects, including DNA damage, blood changes, and damage to the liver and kidneys? If you consume GMOs regularly, your gut is actually creating pesticide. You are consuming the genes of organisms that destroy the digestive tracts of beetles and worms.

corn gmo grenade

Currently, about 250,000,000 Americans are guinea pigs for the huge GMO experiment going on. America is one big laboratory, and GMO food is the ominous variable with untested outcomes for humans. It’s a scary long-term test that at least 80% of Americans undergo, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, every day. However, it’s worth noting that research revealed lab rat liver damage as early on as 30 days, and half the babies died in just three weeks! Are you eating GM corn and GM soy daily? How will YOU feel next month? How about your kids? There is research you should be aware of, and it’s from a VERY detailed study done in 2014.

dead fields

Also, according to a separate published study by the same team of researchers, GMO food may also have the ability to “reactivate dormant viruses, create new viruses, and cause cancer by causing over-expression of normal genes.” They describe the body ingesting fragments from the CaMV-35S “promoter” used in many GM crops. It shows up “incorporated” in the blood, liver and BRAIN TISSUES of experimental rats.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the dirty politics regarding the voting over GMO food items in Oregon, one can easily log onto:

Do you know what you are eating and if it’s affecting your health? Read to know more!

Population Control, Eugenics, and the Whooping Cough – pregnant women pushed by CDC to get combo jab “shot”

Pertussis or whooping cough is a bacterial infection caused by Bordetella pertussis. Pertussis causes severe coughing spells and is most severe when it occurs early in life. After the introduction of pertussis-containing vaccines in the 1940s, the number of cases and deaths due to pertussis declined, however, then it increased again in the 1980s. Coincidence, or did the shots never really work at all?

On top of that, what’s all the huge fuss? Is there an epidemic? During the 1980s there were only 77 cases of fatal whooping cough, and on top of that, nine of the 10 non infant cases already had preexisting medical problems!

Oh my God, let’s go shoot up all the pregnant women with some chemicals that cause cancer so we can prevent this massive nightmare that 77 people died of in A WHOLE DECADE.

So what’s the plan? Kill off lots of innocent people, and protect the rich elites who know better than to get vaccinated, or eat GMO, or Aspartame, or get flu shots, and you get the point.

What is Eugenics? Let’s look at the big picture here and what Bill Gates has to say about it all, and what he wants to do with his billions, asap:

Eu-gen-ics; Noun: The science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics

Bill Gates: “The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

How do you reduce the world population 15%

through vaccines?

If vaccines do WHAT THEY SAY THEY DO, then they build human immunity to deadly diseases, right? So then less babies die early, right? Less vaccinated humans who engage with “the sick” will die, right?  Because vaccines protect you from horrible deadly diseases that you can’t find immunity for any other way, right?

Wrong. Nutrients build immunity, but you have to know which ones, how much to use, and when! Herbs and Superfoods build immunity, but the “man” doesn’t want you to know. Bill Gates let the BIG LIE slip. He didn’t think we were listening. He thought he would just transmit his goal, his cause, his power hungry lie to his friends, and his business gurus. He admitted the BIG VACCINE LIE.

Think I’m making this up?
You can watch this yourself at:

This statement by Bill Gates was not made with any hesitation, stuttering or other indication that it might have been a mistake. It appears to have been a deliberate, calculated part of a well developed and coherent presentation.

So what does it mean when Bill Gates says “if we do a really great job on new vaccines… we could lower [world population] by 10 or 15 percent?”

Clearly, this statement implies that vaccines are a method of population reduction. So is “health care,” which all Natural News readers already know to be more of a “sick care” system that actually harms more people than it helps.

Learn more:

Now the CDC wants to poison all pregnant women with whooping cough vaccines that we know don’t even work!! Unbelievable.

Learn more:

The “formaldehyde” vaccine:

Now official U.S. government policy

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), which makes formal recommendations to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about vaccine guidelines, recently decided that all pregnant women should be vaccinated for whooping cough (pertussis). Defying up-to-date science showing that the vaccine does not even work, ACIP voted 14-0, with one abstention, to make it official U.S. government policy that pregnant women receive the jab, in order to supposedly pass on immunity to their babies.

Whooping cough vaccine loaded with toxic additives that obstruct fetal development:

Here’s what goes from

breast milk directly into the baby:

Formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, 2-phenoxyethanol, ammonium sulfate, and glutaraldehyde. The GlaxoSmithKline Tdap vaccine Boostrix contains a blend of antigens adsorbed onto aluminum salts, as well as the adjuvants aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate.

Formaldehyde, of course, was recently added to the National Toxicology Program (NTP)’s Report on Carcinogens as a known carcinogen, which means it causes cancer.

What’s the BIGGEST IRONY of it all?

Whooping cough outbreaks affect mostly people

that have already been vaccinated

The vast majority of those afflicted with whooping cough during recent outbreaks have been individuals that were already vaccinated for whooping cough, which proves the vaccine does not work.

Stay away from the “formaldehyde” vaccine!

Try superfoods and super nutrients and super minerals!

You can build your immunity naturally and fight off infection with colloidal silver, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Don’t know how? It’s time to learn:

Here at Health Ranger Update I care about the topics I write about. My heart is in this for me, for you, for everyone!

Follow the Update: Get with the program. Swallow it whole: Enjoy this universe as long as you can, and stay healthy all the while!  ENERFOOD = ENERGY = VITALITY = IMMUNITY

Protect your family with the ultimate superfood;

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  Also check out Turmeric benefits, which are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

 Turmeric is one of the most researched natural remedies of modern science! 

 Why? Turmeric is routinely used as a key spice in many South Asian and Middle Eastern nations and is even heavily embedded into Ayurvedic, a traditional system of medicine that originated thousands of years ago! Many traditional systems of medicine have recognized the ginger family relative known as turmeric as a ‘spice powerhouse’ of sorts. Check out tumeric benefits: This high quality natural remedy for healthy living can be found at the new Natural News Store:

The truth. Natural News. Untainted News. Get the scoop.!/2012/10/monsanto-writes-its-own-fda-quote-to.html



TSA scanners cause cancer? Add it up with X-rays, microwave ovens, dental exams, breast cancer screenings, and yes, watch out!

Beware of terrorists! They cause cancer, did you know?! There are terrorists everywhere! They are in the airport security machines, at the dentist office, at the brain scanner room in the hospital, at the water purification plants. Yes, you had better watch out when you travel, especially, because you are a danger to the danger. You will be walking through machines that radiate you to find out if you are dangerous! Yes, you might as well put your head in your microwave oven and push “thaw.”

The naked body scanners might actually be removed, according to the story being covered by Natural News reporters. Why is that? The naked body scanners do a lot more than make you look naked for the perverts at the airports, the perverts who have criminal records but are still hired by TSA to check you out for danger!!

Everyone knows why x-ray technicians cover your genital area or your breasts when you get x-rayed, and why the tech runs out of the room during the “snapshots”. Cancer!! Exposure to radiation causes cancer. Oh, but throw all that out the window at the airport, cause who cares about some “long term” disease when there’s an immediate threat! Like people who take metal stuff on airplanes. After all, 9/11 wasn’t carried out by people with guns, they had box cutters. And the other “plane bombers” had gatorade, or contac solution, or maybe a book of matches!! OMG!

So how do we handle all this? No more liquid containers with more than 4 ounces, because lord knows anyone who’s watched MacGyver a few times can figure all that out! And let’s hire thugs and criminals fresh out of prison for rape and child molestation to work the toxic cancer causing scanners at the airport too! That’ll catch those crazy people who are trying to sneak guns onto planes, especially the ones who hide the guns in their anus, or behind their fake breasts!

Is that how the shoe bomber functioned? Did he hide the weaponry up his butt before he loaded up his shoe and tried to light it on fire? Or was that all staged?

Are you worried about how much exposure you’re getting to radiation? Is it feeding cancer? TSA doesn’t care. Corporate America doesn’t care. Airline companies don’t care. The FDA doesn’t care. The National Cancer Institute doesn’t care. Susan G. Komen Foundation doesn’t care. Fight regulations if you want change. Write congress. Write the CDC.. Write editorials for your local paper that generate support for taking scanners out of airports.

After months of complaints, negative feedback, bad press and no small amount of controversy, the Transportation Security Administration has announced it will begin removing its naked body scanners out of key airports around the country. Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security – which oversees the TSA – made the decision in recent days to pull the scanners from New York City’s LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International airports. Why did it take so long? And what’s the reason for the move? Read more Natural News coverage to find out!



Exemplifying move by India: GMOs to be pushed out

It may be one of the poorest nations in the world but India sure knows how to deal with health-unfriendly, so-called scientific developments by big-Ag powers like Monsanto. A high profile parliamentary panel in India has ordered the field tests of GM crops to be discontinued and all research should be done within strict containment. Though India’s chief of crop research doesn’t quite seem to be impressed by these recommendations stating that it would “paralyze research” and risk the nation’s food security, the panel’s chair, Basudeb Acharia, couldn’t seem to agree more. He said in clear words that India should not choose GMOs under any circumstances.

Now, the point is that these are just the recommendations of a panel, which the ministers, more specifically, the Prime Minister, is under no compulsion to follow. What remains to be seen is which way it goes. If we trace the history of GMOs in India, it will be clear that the nation has given a mixed reaction to these bio-engineered crops.   While Prime Minister Manmohan Singh welcomed GMO research for the sake of increasing agricultural productivity, his own ministers do not seem to share his line of thought. On the other hand, Monsanto was also accused of “bio-piracy” by India just a year back, which put a strain in the relationship between the pharma giant and India.

Though the panel’s recommendation does carry a lot of political relevance to it, whether it will be implemented or not is what remains to be seen. Advocates of GMOs would possibly place the example of genetically engineered cotton accounting for almost 93 percent of the total cotton production now (introduced as Bt-toxin carrying cotton in the year 2002).

The thing is, if India can at least place a high level parliamentary panel to decide the fate of GMOs and save its citizens from the woes of spending huge amounts in healthcare, then why can’t America do the same?

Breaking Natural News: The Chemistry Council lobbying in Washington D.C. to bury 500 page Consensus Report on Carcinogens!

The lobbying front, The Chemistry Council, an umbrella name for Exxon Mobil, Dow, BASF and DuPont, is currently begging Congress to cut off funding for the document published every 2 years by NIH, National Institute of Health. This report is expected to inform the masses that formaldehyde in their homes is giving them cancer, and the chemical called styrene used to make your shower stalls, well, that’s most likely giving you the “C” word also, that dreaded disease for which we just can’t seem to FIND A CURE. Bury the cause, bury the cure, bury the people, but take their money first. That seems to be the plan of the new “CARCINOGEN REPRESENTATION” now prominent in the U.S. Government.

The Chemical Industry is working frantically to suppress the document because they say they fear “public confusion.” Yeah, tthe people will be confused about why their Government has so much money in offshore accounts all while they’re stuck lying in a hospital bed dying from chemo and radiation poisoning … asking, “How could this have happened to me! I’m a good person?”  You mean that type of confusion? Or do you mean people forgetting in COURT the names of the companies that put known carcinogens in their food, their clothing, their insulation, their bathroom, and their water? Can you say MON – SAN – TO? Very good! Now write it down and give it to your attorney.

By the way, 76 Scientists wrote a letter to Congress last month noting that the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) listed formaldehyde as a known carcinogen. The Chemistry Council is functioning the same way as Big Tobacco always used to, and that is to postpone and downplay warnings and research findings  until the damage is done and their roots are dug deep, meaning until everyone is so sick and “Big Chem” can’t help but make billions upon their billions.

The same thing happened with Asbestos. They knew it caused cancer back in the 1930’s but they denounced regulation and called all research otherwise “premature.” When Mitt Romney talks about deregulation, and that Obama has too strict of industry regulations, well, that’s the devil calling the grim reapor evil.

In no other time in history have the companies that make herbicide, pesticide, and fluoride created and regulated the ingredients of the mainstream food industry. Cancer is the greatest scam to ever beseige mankind, ever!

In no other period of history has the government better executed “sickness breeding mechanisms” like GMO, FORMALDEHYDE and FLUROIDE on the masses, the very masses that pay their salaries, salute their flag, and fight in their unnecessary wars.

Make no mistake, the FDA, the CDC, Monsanto, Bayer, Merck, they are all one camp. The Bad Food and Bad Medicine camp is running the Big Ship that 90% of Americans are cruising on, yet, little do most know, Niagara Falls is around the bend.

If you don’t get informed and stay informed of current events affecting your health and wellness, well, you find out sooner what it is that is detrimental to your livelihood. This is not some minor news about a new additive that hurts your belly or how candy makes you fat, this is how cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, and heart disease kill so many people early in life.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, exposes the latest on GMO and Government shaking hands and making deals to make you sick and treat you with chemicals, INCLUDING CREATING TOXIC FLU SHOTS AND VACCINES;

Here’s the biggest question of the month and you BETTER KNOW THE ANSWER:

What do Monsanto, BASF, Bayer, Dow, DuPont and Syngenta all have in common? They are all manufacturers of poison who are funneling millions of dollars into the campaign to try to defeat Proposition 37 in California (the GMO labeling bill). In doing this, these six pesticide companies have cemented their positions in history as being among the most evil corporations in human history.

Today, Natural News is announcing a lifetime boycott of all six companies. We are urging Natural News readers and all members of the human race who believe in a positive, healthful future to join in this lifetime boycott of these destructive companies:

Learn more right now!

FDA promotes GMOs while government “heads” and their families eat organic food!

Instances aren’t rare when it comes to capitalists promoting their cause to the ignorant masses (at least that’s what they think of us) and on the other hand, selecting the healthier alternatives for themselves and their families. In other words, they would rather push us to the verge of danger and opt for better alternatives personally– dichotomy at its best, shall we say?

One such example is found to exist in the White House. The First family of the United States of America enjoys organic food while the Presidential office approves bunches of GMO projects and passes them as ‘safe for consumption.’ Now, this is definitely what we call the “Biggest Oxymoron Ever!” Want to know more? The First Lady goes about bragging about her organic garden while her husband employs ex-Monsanto heads in his administration.

This apart, Monsanto’s GM crops (NK603) has been proven to cause tumor in a two year study, led by Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, where the team of French researchers has come up with evidence to support the  aforementioned fact. Monsanto’s officials couldn’t find a better excuse than blaming it all on the genetics of the rats. What more could we have expected out of the company who has been shamelessly promoting the usage of GM crops in spite of their adverse side effects? (Proven through various researchers conducted by scientists across the world)

We wonder what they would say to the corporate and political elites shunning these crops from their own diet. Even more shocking is the fact that Monsanto’s canteen does not dare  feed its employees with food made from this corn.

If we look at China – on one hand, there are GM crop-fed children falling sick, and on the other hand, there are administration heads growing organic plants and keeping them fenced off so that  members of the general public don’t get their hand on them. Is this inhumanity or plain callousness that defines the attitude of the government officials?



Jeffrey Smith from the Institute for Responsible Technology has released  five short videos that are perfect for sharing with friends who might be  new to GMOs. These short videos tell powerful, hard-hitting stories about GMOs  in just two or three minutes, and they’re easy to forward to others who need to  know the truth about what’s happening to our food supply.

Even farm animals refuse to eat GMOs
Jeffrey  Smith relates a story about how farmers test whether their farm animals will eat  GMOs. Most farm animals naturally avoid genetically engineered feed if given a  choice!
Learn more:

How GMOs turn your babies into medical experiments
This  short film reveals how genetically engineered foods are being widely consumed  today, causing a vast assortment of side effects, including widespread  infertility and damage to their sperm cells and DNA. Rats fed genetically  modified soy had half their babies die. Don’t let our babies become guinea pigs  of the GMO biotech industry!

Jeffrey Smith –

How GMOs may turn your body

into a human pesticide  factory
Jeffrey  Smith reveals how genetically engineered crops result in gene transfers into the  bacteria in the human gut. It means that after eating GMOs,  we may have genetically modified proteins inside our own bodies. Even worse,  when BT (genetically engineered) corn is consumed, the gene that produces the BT  toxin may transfer into the bacteria living in your intestines, turning you into  a HUMAN PESTICIDE FACTORY.
Learn more:
Learn more:

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, Gives Us An Inside Look at Natural Anti-Virals to Fight Influenza, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and SARS

Mike Adams has listed five anti-virals as his favorite to fight the following diseases. His favorite anti-viral remains Jon Barron’s Super ViraGon- a potent combination of garlic, olive leaf extract, onion, ginger, zinc and other nutrients. Next come Fitura Power Immune, which is a powerful combination of Echinacea, Cat’s Claw, Shiitake mushroom, olive leaf and many other ingredients. Lomatium dissectum is a ‘secret’ anti-influenza herb very few people know about, even in the natural health industry. The root of the lomatium is special for its anti-viral action. The original South Americans grow this herb in their gardens. The next important and useful herb is Herb Pharm Virattack compound. It offers a powerful herbal tincture that combines it with St. John’s Wort (also a powerful anti-viral), lemon balm, olive leaf and other powerful antiviral herbs.

Last but not the least comes  olive leaf extract. This is a very powerful herb. The strongest phytochemical in olive leaves is oleuropein, a potent anti-microbial medicine that has natural anti-viral properties. As the taste of the extract is a big turn off for most people, Mike Adams suggests capsules. According to Adams, the best way is to grow olive trees are in one’s own garden and prepare the medicine.

In addition to these five anti-virals, there are other natural anti-virals worth mentioning. One of them is nascent Iodine; which protects the thyroid gland. The Amazon Herb Company’s medicines processed from the herbs of the Amazon rainforest are powerful anti-virals. Their Zamu juice is good for infectious diseases (as it contains Sangre De Drago). Cat’s claw (Uñ a de Gato) is also a powerful anti-viral. Other than Amazon herbs all probiotics will boost your immunity against infectious diseases. Research has also shown that probiotics reduce the risks of contracting H1N1 swine flu. Another useful anti-viral is wild crafted oregano oil. A related product is OregaRESP, a potent form of oregano oil.

The point is if you stay informed you’ll stay alive. The number one killer during a pandemic is ignorance of natural medicine. If you’re aware and alert about the natural anti-virals you’ll survive. Otherwise, you’ll die of ignorance. But it’s not only about survival, it’s also about independence. When you use natural medicine, you’re not dependent on doctors, medicines and hospitals. This independence scares the power mongers who run the world because the last thing they want is a medically self-reliant person!

A Special Report: Mike Adams Presents the Top 5 Anti-Viral/Flu Destroyers

Read more now:

What is an herbal tincture? How does it work? Why do people swear by them, people who never get flu shots, or swine flu shots, or vaccines?

What are phytochemicals? What does Mike Adams know that could take down the whole flu scam in the USA?

How do you grow your own olive trees?

Here they are: the Big 5: Super ViraGon, Fitura PowerImmune, Lomatium Dissectum, HerbPharm Virattack Compound, Olive Leaf Extract.

Read more now:


Get healthy and stay healthy!

Whole Foods lies about GMO in their store – CAUGHT ON FILM!!

 Get the scoop

Don’t be fooled

     Never eat GMO!

Interview with organic consumer from Albuquerque, NM:

Reporter: “What really makes you angry about this expose on whole foods covering up their GMO products?”

Consumer: “Because that’s a grocery store you think you can trust! And it should be up to consumers if they choose to eat GMO crops and I think its deceiptful that they’re trying to keep it from us. It’s not up to them. It’s up to me.”

Reporter: “What do you think GMO products do to your body?”

Consumer: “Create disease. And there haven’t been enough studies to prove otherwise.”

Reporter: “What do you mean, disease, like cancer and heart disease?”

Consumer: “It’s mutating your genes, it’s mutating at a cellular level. Organic food comes from nature and is grown the way it was intended to be grown, in its most natural and perfect state.”

Reporter: “So what are you doing personally, now that you’ve seen this video about Whole Foods employees, management, and ownership lieing to its consumers?”

Consumer: “I’m not shopping at whole foods, and I’m avoiding products such as Naked, Kashi, Silk, Horizon, and many others. Please watch the video if you haven’t, it’s a MUST SEE!”








Bleached Food on the Rise: Health Ranger Calls it out Again!


What is it? Can you smell it in food? Can you taste it? Can it clean floors? Can it destroy human cells? Why does cheap meat need to be bleached? Lots of questions. One answer. Bleach is used to kill bacteria that is swarming in “feed” animals that live a horrific life, eating chemicals, being shot up with chemicals, living in concentration camps (CAFO’s), and dying a horrific, in-humane death, in front of the other animals, sending shock and toxins throughout the meat even worse. Bleach is used to kill the ecoli, to kill the GM infections, to kill the viruses, to keep people from sueing fast food restaurants from immediate sickness and disease.

Azodicarbonamide, a flour-bleaching agent that is most commonly used in the manufacture of foamed plastics like in gym mats and the soles of shoes, is found in the McRib bun,” Time magazine reported, noting that the compound is banned in Europe and Australia as an additive to foods!

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Bleach is in 20% of foods today. White rice, white pasta, white sugar, white bread, white flour. Why? Because it gives that illusion of “cleanliness”, purity, maybe somehow healthy. But the irony is that it is just the opposite. Eating bleach is deadly, for the cleansing organs like the pancreas, the liver, the kidneys. Bleach causes prostate cancer. Bleach causes pancreatic cancer. Bleach causes bladder cancer.

When your body tries to process and expel bleach, it becomes acidic, toxic, and cells suffocate. Your cells need oxygen to function, just as your lungs do. Bleach kills cells, mutates cells, and leads to cancer, THE BIGGEST BUSINESS in America.


Bleach is used to kill bugs. It’s used in pesticides. Bleach is used for the paper that cigarettes are rolled with. Smokers are smoking bleach. Fast food joints get their meat as cheap as they can, from farmers who don’t care at all about their animals, who just want to make more money. Bleach is needed on these types of farms to kill the bacteria and viruses that make humans violently ill fast. This prevents lawsuits and keeps the McRib on the rack!


What’s the FAST FOOD PEROGATIVE? Make cheap food and make money.

What’s the NATURAL NEWS PEROGATIVE? Expose the fakes, the liars, the toxic losers who don’t care about animal or human life.


Natural News. Natural Health. Health Ranger. Mike Adams. Read Natural News. Read about Organic Living. Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Stay Informed. Be Organic.

Natural News. Natural Health. Health Ranger. Mike Adams. Read Natural News. Read about Organic Living. Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Stay Informed. Be Organic.

Natural News. Natural Health. Health Ranger. Mike Adams. Read Natural News. Read about Organic Living. Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Stay Informed. Be Organic!