Multi-toxin GMO crops are damaging human organs! What’s the USDA NOT telling us?


According to Natural News, a food activist organization has filed suit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, alleging that one of its agencies is in violation of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provisions after failing to provide requested documents.

The Center for Food Safety, in its suit against the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, or APHIS, said the agency has ignored FOIA requests for records related to genetically engineered crops by unlawfully delaying responses and withholding public disclosure of information.

As reported by Sustainable Pulse, the suit charges that APHIS has failed to provide timely responses to at least 29 separate FOIA requests or appeals. In addition, the suit claims that of those cases, the agency has failed to provide a final response to ten requests and two appeals.

The suit is asking the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to order APHIS to promptly provide the center with requested information and to further order the agency to end its practice of failing to respond in a timely manner to future FOIA requests for GMO-related data.

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No doubt, this will go down in history as one of the most NEFARIOUS instances of collusion between big business and a U.S. regulatory agency, ever. The USDA, responsible for developing and executing policy to protect farming, forestry and food, has time and time again colluded with Monsanto, the evil biotechnology company that inserts bacterial pesticide genes into American crops, and has created a monopoly of business that interferes with the USDA doing their job properly, ethically, and with sound mind and intention.

One of the most powerful and wealthy corporations in the world, Monsanto, is genetically manipulating and dangerously modifying all of the staple crops in America, including corn, soy, wheat, alfalfa, sugar beets, cotton and canola, by infiltrating, bribing and coercing the very regulatory agency representatives who are supposed to represent the American people and keep the food and environment safe, productive and sustainable.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about GMO crops and how they can damage the human body, one can easily log onto:

The TRUTH about cancer-causing glyphosate (Roundup’s key ingredient)

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Glyphosate is an acid molecule and the active ingredient in the world’s most utilized herbicide that was intentionally created to kill weeds that compete with commercial crops such as corn and soy. Back in 1970, one of Monsanto’s chemists, John E. Franz, manufactured this highly controversial, probable carcinogenic and marketed it under the trade name Roundup. Glyphosate-resistant crops have the chemical compound inside them, and the intention was for farmers to be able to spray the crops with more weed-killer without killing the edible plants, but this trait is failing miserably across the globe, causing health detriment, soil nutrient depletion and environmental disturbances that go unreported by the mainstream media. Nearly 200 million pounds are dumped on American soil each year, including the agricultural sector, home gardens and yards. Over the past couple decades, weed resistance has become a major problem as “Superweeds” have become immune to Roundup and are destroying the yield once thought to be improving by this biotechnology, though Monsanto advocates would have the public, farmers and health organizations believe otherwise to protect their investments, sales and profits.

No regulations on Glyphosate to protect humans

Hundreds of tests and independent, reliable studies have been conducted that expose Glyphosate as a major threat to human health, but since the FDA and EPA rely solely on safety tests done by the manufacturer, no regulations are put in place to protect humans, animals or the environment from this known cancer-causing weed killer. The chemical is absorbed throughout foliage and even seeps into roots. Glyphosate is also used as a drying agent that is sprayed on crops heavily, such as wheat and sugarcane, just before harvesting for storage in silos. The term “Roundup Ready” means the crop’s seeds are genetically engineered to contain the toxic and deadly herbicide. Scientific correlations have also been made between Glyphosate and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). The increased risk of farmers contacting NHL has been identified in farm workers using Roundup as recently as 2014. In March of 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a subsidiary branch of the World Health Organization (WHO), published a summary of studies on the dangers of Glyphosate. The World Health Organization has revealed in-depth research exposing Glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic in humans” based on epidemiological studies, animal studies and in vitro studies. Laboratory studies dating as far back as 1991 and 1992 reveal that Glyphosate can harm beneficial insects and earthworms. It can also harm the bacterial ecology of soil and cause micronutrient deficiencies in plants, which explains much of the immuno-deficiencies in Americans who consume GM corn and soy regularly.

U.S. regulatory agencies FDA and USDA do NOT regulate use or dangers of Glyphosate

Prior to 1970, Glyphosate was synthesized in a laboratory by a Swiss chemist that patented the chemical chelator “agent” that was known then to bind and remove the minerals calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese. Glyphosate also kills plants and bacteria by interfering with the synthesis of the amino acids tyrosine, tryptophan and phenylalanine by inhibiting certain enzymes. Glyphosate residues are NOT always immobile and do have the potential to contaminate surface waters through soil erosion as it adsorbs (remains as thin film on surface) to soil particles suspended in runoff. Glyphosate is NOT tested by the FDA’s Pesticide Residue Monitoring Program nor the USDA’s Pesticide Data Program, and field tests show that carrots, lettuce and barley contain residues up to ONE YEAR after the soil is treated with just three pounds of Glyphosate per acre. Contamination of surface water is attributed to urban and agricultural use. People spray Roundup on sidewalks, to clear railroad tracks, and to try to eradicate weeds from their yards. It’s also used in aerial spraying. Laboratory toxicology studies reveal that other ingredients in combination with Glyphosate may have greater toxicity than Glyphosate and might also propel the toxicity and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) actions of Glyphosate itself.

Since Monsanto’s patent on Glyphosate expired in the year 2000, most of the agrochemical (chemical industrial) companies and corporations manufacture and produce Glyphosate now, including Bayer CropScience, BASF, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont, Syngenta and a host of Chinese manufacturers. Glyphosate is now combined with over 400 chemical and commercial adjuvants (agents that enhances the effect of Glyphosate) from more than thirty companies worldwide for agricultural use. Roundup products, including genetically modified seeds, represent half of Monsanto’s gross profits.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? – – The number one argumentative discussion of the health industry today that can get you verbally assaulted

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By David Rice; Investigative Journalist

“To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?”… If you bring it up at a social gathering, with teachers in public schools, at your office, at the doctors office, or even just on the phone with your MD or the nurse, be VERY careful because you might get verbally assaulted.

Here’s how a “vaccination” conversation often goes with someone you know. “I just got my flu shot. Did you get yours this year?” “No, we don’t do the vaccine thing.” “Wait, you mean you don’t get any vaccines at all, like for measles or polio, or small pox or whatever?” “Nope.” “Wait, what about like, immunity. How will you fight off an infectious disease? Aren’t you scared you’ll catch one? You could die. Oh, yeah, you’re a health nut though, right. I forgot.” “Yeah, pretty much. The right foods, superfoods, herbs and tinctures provide you with all that ‘immunity’ you’re so worried about, so I avoid getting mercury and embalming fluid jabbed into my arm.” “Oh, so I’m stupid because I don’t want to catch some deadly disease?” “No, you’re smart because you’re getting toxins injected into your body in order to protect yourself from other toxins and pathogens.” “Oh, so now you wanna talk medical terms?!” (and you know where it goes from here).

Heavy metal toxins in VACCINES and the MAJOR COVER-UP by CDC

Just because mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG are listed on vaccine inserts and on the CDC website doesn’t mean the CDC hasn’t covered up the fact that these are highly dangerous to inject into muscle tissue, at any amount. You see, when people are scared “to death” about infectious diseases because they’ve read propaganda that exaggerates and makes poster children of the most extreme cases, they don’t look anything up at all, they just do what the doctor says. But here in the West, doctors are of two major variety, one of pharmaceuticals and surgery, and the other of nutrition. The former use prescription lab-concoctions that go completely untested for effectiveness and safety and are cross-prescribed for conditions they’re not even supposed to help or treat at all in the first place. This is legal in the West, where Americans figure because “doc” went to eight years of medical school that he/she knows everything about immunity too, unfortunately, he/she knows very, very little, and sells just the opposite – immunity destruction, even if it is most often delivered in tiny tablets and microscopic injections over time. Chronic care is chronic care. It assumes everyone is weak, genetically malformed, insufficient to fight off any bacteria, disease, infection or cell disorder, and that we must stick needles into our muscle tissue and inject live viruses mixed with genetically modified bacteria in order to somehow feel safe, when the all the charts and graphs in the world will show you that infectious disease was fading away BEFORE vaccines were even pushed on the unknowing masses.

On the Internet, you will find TROLLS that LIE for Big Pharma

The internet is totally deceiving if you try to look up information about the heavy metal toxins still put in vaccines today. Just try to look up “most toxic vaccine ingredients” or “mercury and formaldehyde still in vaccines” and see what you get. Then you have the anti-science websites and blogs everywhere that ARE allowed to run the gamut on mainstream news sites, that exploit fears of infectious diseases and help stage “outbreaks” that aren’t a real threat at all, well, not to the “unvaccinated” and educated.

Start a conversation about vaccines being worthless with just about anyone you know in the medical field and see what happens. You get verbally assaulted or they completely dismiss you as a conspiracy theorist or some kind of medical invalid.

Tell people you know that you get your immunity from whole organic raw foods, oil of oregano, garlic, vitamin D, cinnamon, licorice root, aloe, hemp seed oil, medicinal mushrooms and colloidal silver and they talk to you like you’re some hippie nature freak who is against everything medical and scientific, including surgery, space exploration and proving medicines work in laboratories before administering to the public. In actuality, those “agro” (aggressive) rebuttals to Nature’s healing are based themselves on ignorance, because the system has convinced them vaccines eradicated infectious diseases, when they have no evidence of anything scientific that this is true. In other words, THEY are anti-science and they don’t even know it.

Banning the unvaccinated from school is banning the healthy kids, not the sick!

More than a million people in the US are infected with HIV, but the government doesn’t ban them from attending school. This includes children. Just three years ago, health officials reported nearly two million Americans infected with tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, and as many as three million infected with hepatitis C. They are all allowed to get their public education.

Currently, if you get a live virus vaccination, like oral polio vaccines or influenza (flu shots), you are a temporary carrier of that virus, able to “shed” it and give it to others, especially those people around you that have highly compromised immune systems. Guess who those people are? Those who are vaccinated with mercury (listed as thimerosal on vaccine insert), aluminum, formaldehyde and monosodium glutamate.

These “vaxxed” people’s immune system is UNDER ATTACK by mixed GM bacteria and viruses, still alive, and mixing with highly toxic heavy metals that should not ever be eaten, much less injected into muscle tissue. These folks are all allowed to attend public school. No questions asked.

For thirty five years (1963 – 1998), doctors gave live oral polio vaccines to millions of healthy American kids who became infected and shed fluids to other children. Some of these other kids contracted THAT strain of polio paralysis and died. How long are kids “shedders” and why aren’t they told to stay home from school with the unvaccinated?

Staged Measles Scares at Disney World and Universities all around USA

Measles, for the most part, is not some deadly, viral infectious disease that people should be freaking out about when they hear of a couple cases in the news. Still, the mass media approach to all infectious disease is to panic and run out and get some kind of inoculation, for everything known to man, as many times as possible, and as often as possible. The media tells you to get the flu shot every year, even when they admit it doesn’t work, like this past fall and winter. Plus, it says on the flu shot insert NEVER to get more than ONE in a lifetime. Who knows that?

Should we all surrender our liberties to Anti-Science freaks who base their assaulting arguments on faked research by the CDC?

What was swine flu but a genetically modified virus created in a laboratory and spread among the people to test reactions and vaccine purchases under duress.

Currently, in the year 2015, the severely immune-compromised vaccinated child, by the age of six, has received 50 doses of mixed toxins shot into muscle tissue and never tested for safety or effectiveness. No wonder one in sixty eight boys have autism! Still, the VIC, the vaccine industrial complex, which has its own court to settle for health damages it causes, pushes for legislation in Congress to eliminate all non-medical vaccine exemptions, and if successful, will have every MD bowing down to pressure NOT to serve a single unvaccinated “patient” ever again. Schools will be wrought with sick children shedding live infectious diseases and they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves when the “SHTF” – – and probably sooner than later.

Still want to burn the witches? Don’t be anti-science. Just relax and look up the toxins that are in today’s vaccines. You can have a civil conversation and build your immunity in a natural way. It’s never too late to go organic.

Lastly, if you decide to have that “vaccine discussion” with anyone you know, be sure first that they don’t work for CPS, who kidnaps children from parents who don’t go along with the status quo, which is chemotherapy, psychotropic medications, mercury-laced vaccinations and “private sessions” with the highly paid staff. There are plenty of reports, in case you are wondering about that right now. Check these first and see:

More excellent sources:


Raw organic fruits and vegetables can cure cancer, so why don’t oncologists tell their patients?

What is GMO? How many people really know? Health Ranger explains the danger!

There are scary scientists in labs right now mixing chemicals with bacteria and viruses to see if they can kill more crop pests, but it’s all done at the expense of human life. Money, money, money is the name of the game, and brilliant scientists get twisted or ARE twisted, working for Biotech firms like Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Dupont, BASF, Syngenta and more, trying to kill the bugs that eat the vegetables and fruit, and trying to kill the weeds that choke out the corn and soy and tobacco. These scientists will use any means necessary to kill the pests, including designing seeds that grow pesticide inside them, and DNA traits that dissolve the beetles’ digestive tract completely, killing them as they try to feed on the crop. They have tried so hard to make Biotech have a good name, where the masses will believe that somehow food technology is looking out for our better interest, and some global agenda that is supposed to help the starving world eat for generations to come. But what’s killing the world is cancer food. This Biotech “movement” is nothing but a fancy word for bug, weed and human killer that attempts to increase crop yield, but fails at even that, it’s sole purpose.

How can we teach the kids, before it’s too late? How can teachers tell their kids and warn them about tainted, modified, pesticide laden food before Disney World and Monsanto spread their propaganda and brainwash them? The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Editor of Natural is in the forefront of the health and wellness movement, to educate EVERYONE about GMO and the inherent dangers, not just to our health, but the ecosystems all over the world, and soil, water, air, everything.

This is a 3 minute wake up call for all you planners and educators. You can share the following video in a classroom setting, or at a health fair on a big screen, or you can share it on social media and Youtube. You can post it on your own blog. You can make it the introduction to an exercise for kids to engage, like a short essay or a coloring project where they differentiate between organic food and modified pest killer food.

Nobody explains things quite so concisely and frankly as the Health Ranger, so take advantage of this great video clip and use it in whatever setting you can that will benefit as many people as possible.

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Mike Adams explains:
“Now there’s an easy way to introduce new people to the topic of GMOs. Here at Natural News, we’ve just completed a fascinating new video that reveals the story of GMOs in just three minutes. The video reveals where GMOs come from, why they’re used and why they cause organ damage and cancer in mammals.”

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Natural News Exclusive:

Also check out this Health Basics article for more info on basic GMO dangers:

“Terrorist” creates panic, U.S. Government punishes innocents

There is a new mentality sweeping over America; when a “person of interest” shoots up a school, or blows up a building, or detonates a bomb at a public event, everyone in that city must be “grounded,” or punished, by being interrogated, searched, questioned, put on home arrest, homes searched without warrants, and harassed at gunpoint, all in the name of “safety” and “homeland security.” All the networks support this scripted follow up to “terror” events, and they promote the loss of liberty, as Obama and Bush before him would have it be.

Remember, back in grade school, when one wild child or irresponsible student wasn’t paying attention to the teacher, or forgot their homework, that a lousy teacher would punish the whole class, and make new rules for everyone, rules that weren’t necessary, except maybe for the one “bad” kid. Half the time, that “bad” kid wasn’t even really bad, he/she was just daydreaming out the window, or had a bad home life, where the parents didn’t help them with homework or study skills, and the whole class would have to suffer for it. These were the teachers who liked control, who liked telling everybody what to do, even when they were all doing it right already. These were the “power tripping” teachers, who just loved wielding authority for the hell of it, and did it all day. They always had a teacher’s pet too, who did everything they said and made straight A’s, seemingly without even trying very hard.

Today, in America, those power trip authority figures are the FEDS, and those “bad” students are “persons of interest” who, whether it’s true or not, have committed a crime or looked like they might have. These “suspects” are used as pawns, on the great stage, and the play is played out, like a movie, to suit the wants and needs of an overwhelmingly HUGE government, that wants and likes control of the masses. The media is like the teacher’s pet, saying and doing everything the teacher (The president and his FEDS) have scripted out, and the rest of the students (ignorant masses) just fall in line, standing in that “single file line” (obedience) and allowing the illegal searches and seizures of their rights, their liberties, and their tax funded MARTIAL LAW.

You want your Bill of Rights back? Don’t open the door! Ask the police if YOU are a person of interest, if YOU are a suspect, and if they have a search warrant. If they don’t, they are violating every Constitutional right that you have, and you should fight back.

The U.S. Government bullies are running amuck, with no regulations, no checks and balances, and they’re acting like we all live in the Banana Republic. For more on this latest atrocity, visit natural news and learn how to protect your rights, your family, your home, and your health, wealth, and wellness:

Ron Paul; “Sadly, we have been conditioned to believe that the job of the government is to keep us safe, but in reality the job of the government is to protect our liberties. Once the government decides that its role is to keep us safe, whether economically or physically, they can only do so by taking away our liberties. That is what happened in Boston”

Learn more:

Here’s another story of the U.S.. Government Gestapo raiding innocent business people!

Natural Health News: Truth about foods brought into light by Natural News

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Thanks to the worldwide propaganda of big food corporations that most of the people do not understand, such as which food is good and which is bad. But all these things are about to change. Natural News reports of the release of a documentary film titled All Jacked Up that clearly depicts how the food corporations manipulate the facts for their own benefits. This documentary is a treasure chest for all those who want to gain some knowledge about the food industry, especially in the United States. The film is available online and can the trailer can be found at .

While All Jacked Up reveals the ugly truth about junk and processed foods, Natural News brings forth another set of foods that can significantly contribute towards controlling blood pressure. Foods like chocolate, Hawthorne berry, banana, watermelon, purple potato, kiwi, raisin, Jamaica tea and cayenne have proved their power in controlling high blood pressure. Daily consumption of one of these food materials can keep blood pressure well under control thus reducing the risk of suffering from stroke. People using steroids, antidepressants and birth control pills can effectively use these foods to put a check on their blood pressure. Know more at . Look into nutrition and end the pharmaceutical nightmare.

GMOs have always been regarded as the only possible answer to the impending food crisis of future. But latest studies reveal that GMOs are nothing but disease breeding agents that have more hindrances than benefits. So, according to Natural News it is better to avoid GMO foods. Any food that is not certified organic is likely to be GMO. The latest data from the USDA declare that 93 percent of all cotton, 90 percent of all soybeans and 86 percent of all corn in the U.S. are of GMO origin. Visit to know more.

Find natural remedies that work! Organic and natural from the Health Ranger Mike Adams and the Natural News Store:

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U.S. authorities seek control over resources while giving a boost to the ammunition industry

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You may not believe this but the U.S. government is seeking absolute control over the farming industry in the U.S. with the help of an executive order called the National Defense Resources Preparedness. The U.S. government, under the leadership of the president, would be able to take control of all the resources in the country in order “to promote the national defense.” Natural News reports that this order is designed to give the government absolute authority to raid farms at its will and do whatever it wants even if it hardly serves public interest. More at:

How does the government exactly plan to gain control over the farming sector? The USDA has exhibited how it plans to exercise its power. It is now reported that the “census of agriculture” funded by the government itself is directed towards creating a comprehensive database of private agricultural farms. This database would ultimately help the government to seize the assets of the farms if need be. The census is also a complete breach of the people’s right to remain silent as farmers are bound to provide the information of their farms to the authorities.

The atrocities of the government have yielded some positive results as well. Natural News reports that in the wake of the gun control propaganda of the U.S. government, a large number of people are now buying guns, which means that there is an increase in the demand for guns and ammunition. This has created thousands of jobs in the gun and ammunition industry contributing to the overall development of the country’s economy. Moreover, gun manufacturers are finding it hard to cope with the rising demands of the guns and some are even putting customers on waiting for as long as 18 months due to huge demand and limited production. Know more of this at:

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Ron Paul’s farewell message reflects the indispensability of liberty and freedom


After 23 years in office, Ron Paul has finally bid farewell to the U.S. Congress. A man of discipline, Paul has always chosen to adhere to human values and personal liberty. His farewell speech at the U.S. Congress is a stark reminder of what liberty is and why it necessary. According to Mike Adams, the farewell speech from one of the most respected congressmen should be read by all those who need to understand where America is standing at present and where it is heading. In his speech, Paul clearly indicated that the policies of the U.S. government would pave the way for a financial crisis and a compromise with national security. Know more at: .

So, what is liberty? Is it only the affair of freeing oneself from the clutches of another? No. It is not. There are many aspects of liberty and all of them should be cultivated properly in order to establish a truly free country. Take for example, the issue of food sovereignty. Sedgwick in Maine is the first town that has declared complete food sovereignty opposing the federal and state laws. The town authority has passed an ordinance which says that the citizens of Sedgwick would be able to produce, sell and consume their local foods like raw milk and local meat. Natural News reports that this would reduce the people’s dependency on big food corporations. To track the complete news pay a visit to: .

As people across the U.S. are becoming more and more conscious about liberty such as food sovereignty, backyard farming is gaining rapid popularity. Natural News opines that farming of some vegetables in the backyard can save a lot of money that goes into buying foods daily. In addition to this, these foods are absolutely safe for consumption and are not as harmful as GMO foods. More of this is revealed at: .

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War on terror and gun control— U.S. government continues to dupe people

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The government in the U.S. has been waging a “War on Terror” for quite some time but now it is high time to question the activity of the government. Natural News reports that the war on terror was nothing but a complete hoax, prepared by the government itself to give rise to a wide spread paranoia. Paul Craig Roberts, who used to be the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, is of the opinion that all the terror plots in recent history have been deftly fabricated by none other than F.B.I. agents in order to create mass panic that would pave the way for the so called war on terror. Learn more of this news at:

The government has been able to successfully dupe American citizens by saying that the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA is not applicable to American citizens. But the truth is that this act is applicable to foreign nationals AND Americans. It is a drastic effort on the part of the government to nullify the Bill of Rights that has been safeguarding the freedom of U.S. citizens. The government is desperate in its acts to maximize its power even if it contradicts the interests of the general people. More of this news is reported in:

The gun control issue is another method that has been used by the government to fool the general public. The government always tries to propagate that the mass killings at the hands of psychotic shooters, especially on school premises, can only be prevented through extensive gun control. However, Natural News reports that once gun control is implemented successfully, the government is going to ban things of public freedom like books, websites and works of art. The government has already nullified the Bill of Rights with the signing of the NDAA and now it looks further to exercise its power. More of this is covered at:

Private savings being looted— Government thieves on the loose

looting (2)

It seems that the worst nightmare has finally come true. Government now tries to take a share of the hard earned money of the people directly from their private savings accounts. Natural News reports that the government in Cyprus has struck a deal with International Monetary Fund very recently in order to pave the way for have a share of the money saved in private accounts. The deal is designed to empower the government take up to 10 percent of the deposits made by private individuals. The government now claims a part of the private money as its own.

According to government sources this is being done to prevent the collapse of the country’s economy, but experts opine that it may result into catastrophe. People in other economically stressed countries in Europe may anticipate that their governments can also take similar steps and may draw huge amounts of money from their accounts in order to protect their cash. This would result in a total collapse of the banking system. The people of Cyprus are grossly disappointed with the government with its new decision, reports Natural News. More at .

Mike Adams says that the term ‘haircut’ that is being used to describe the government’s initiative to devour a share of the money deposited in private savings accounts should be stopped immediately. He goes on to say that it is outright theft on part of the government. There is no room for justifying this attitude of the government and it should be stopped at any cost. It is only the banking barons who never get such a ‘haircut’ and moreover receives a majority of what the government takes from the general public. Instead of taking such actions against the general people, the government should arrest the defaulting bankers in order to prevent of the collapse of the economy. View more of this at