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Blog talk – The smoker’s headache and cough hits hard first thing in the morning

Get a “six pack” of KRAVE KICKER™ 2.5 oz bottles for just $24.95 plus shipping. This gives you two full days worth of no cigarette cravings. Use them at your discretion, for indoor events, movies at the theatre, 4-hour work blocks, or plane flights and road trips.

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The pack-a-day smoker wakes up coughing, often with a terrific headache. Relief only comes in one form – a cigarette. Whether it’s menthol or Marlboro reds, it’s all the same – jacked up nicotine that acts as a stimulant to snap you out of your funk, but only temporarily. You see, Big Tobacco has it all figured out. They formulated the “commercial” cigarette long before you were ever even born.

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Your body wants to detoxify when it sleeps. It slows down. The heart, the lungs, and meanwhile, the tar with all those chemicals move in and crush your alveoli, the tiny air sacks in your lungs that want to expand again when you wake and stand up. The body has work to do, but your lungs and brain want no part of it. Time for artificial stimulation in the form of freebased nicotine. Big tobacco uses ammonia to accomplish that…

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Top 10 amazing, indigenous, all-natural cures from around the world

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Before World War II, very few Americans suffered from cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, arthritis, osteoporosis, food allergies, psoriasis, eczema, autism, Asperger’s syndrome or even fibromyalgia. There were no processed foods, no genetically modified organisms, no chemical pesticides, no toxic vaccines loaded with mercury and aluminum, no over-the-counter medications loaded with artificial food dyes and heavy metal toxins, no artificial sweeteners, no fluoride in the tap water, no leaking nuclear reactors, and of course, there were no insidious oncologists giving people lethal chemical drugs (chemotherapy) to fight off cell disorder (cancer) that’s caused by chemical consumption in the first place.

None of that was going on, because the American Medical Association had yet to figure out that if all mainstream medicine was simply made of chemicals, everybody who got sick would stay sick, and the medicine industry would become one of the biggest money makers in the history…

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Top 9 vaccines you NEVER need and exactly why the CDC has to scare everybody into getting them

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Sure, we live in a capitalistic country, and more power to the people who run businesses and make a good living selling goods and services. But, all of those who knowingly make money off other people’s demise should be shut down and fined, and maybe even jailed. That rule of thumb should go for companies, organizations and corporations too, not to mention regulatory agencies, but that’s more of a utopian world, that doesn’t exist, and from the looks of things, probably never will.

Since the beginning of time, indigenous peoples have found natural foods, herbs, tinctures, berries, mushrooms and minerals that prevent and cure all types of infectious diseases, but in America, only a small portion of the population know about them, and some of those folks don’t even believe in them anymore. What’s the reason for that? Fear. Immense fear has been instilled in citizens by their government, that…

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Prescription nightmare! Fluorinated drugs used for anxiety and depression cross the blood-brain barrier, cause permanent nerve damage

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The fluoride you find in most U.S. drinking water comes from adding a fluorine compound, usually sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate or fluorosilicic acid. Both fluoride and fluorine are toxic to humans, and aren’t just found in public water, but also in products made with that water, including soda, reconstituted fruit juices, beer, wine and yes, prescription medications.

Fluorination in general facilitates the passage of certain drugs through the blood-brain barrier, interfering with human DNA and making most antibiotics and at least one third of all prescription medications exponentially more powerful, while bringing with that “power” extremely dangerous side effects that can last a lifetime. Fluorination of pharmaceutical drugs allows those chemical medicines to enter otherwise impermeable cells, creating a level of toxicity rarely, if ever, considered or discussed by medical doctors with their patients.

A certain class of fluorinated antibiotics called fluoroquinolone were once removed from the market for causing…

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