Biotech Industry Front-Group Writer/Producer busted in Court Documents for Wife/Child abuse – leads to series of articles on Natural News revealing GMO conspiracy!

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Is a conspiracy theorist a paranoid teenager or a Vietnam Veteran who points out the obvious about Big Government trying to lie, cheat, steal-from and slow-kill the people it represents, or is a conspiracy Big Government hiring writers to shoot down natural cures and natural remedies that save millions of lives every year? I’ll let you decide, and then read a shining example, the epitome, of one of the biggest corporate media shills to walk the earth the past few decades, declaring evil is good and good is bad. This man is cold-busted abusing his wife and possibly his daughter, as revealed in court documents, and has been paid by major corporations, newspapers, television networks and probably the White House, to write good things about toxic (genetically modified) chemicals in foods and also to write very defamatory pieces about people and entities who try to uncover the fact that chemical agriculture in America is wiping out hundreds of thousands of people with cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other preventable diseases.

The man named Jon Entine and the words domestic violence should be easily found in search engines, because alternative media is going viral with a story about a Biotech Media shill who’s finally uncovered, so we can all have piece of mind, knowing what we know, thanks to Mike Adams revealing it all on Natural, including court documents that show Jon Entine repeatedly twists information in the news to help spread propaganda and tear down natural health news. Let’s all celebrate by learning the truth about GMO with the latest breaking news about their MOUTHPIECE THAT GOT BUSTED!

Jon Entine was exposed as a Wikipedia vandal who used the public platform to smear research scientist Seralini whose research questioned the safety of GMOs. As explained on the Jon Entine page at Entine has also worked to undermine Saralini on Wikipedia, using the handle “runjonrun”. GM Watch was alerted by Wikipedia users to the fact that Entine was one of the early editors on a one-sided and originally potentially libellous Wikipedia article called “The Seralini affair”, which denigrated Seralini’s study and Seralini himself.

Biotech Shill full report and court docs as PDFs:

Health Ranger avenged! writer Jon Entine exposed for domestic violence and child abuse in Court Documents!


Jon Entine’s double life now comes to the surface

As you will learn in the investigative article you are now reading, it turns out that Jon Entine has been leading a double life. In one life, he presents himself as an upstanding, award-winning journalist and research fellow with a well-credentialed resume. But in his secret life — now painstakingly revealed by Natural News in this comprehensive investigative report — Jon Entine is described by his own wife as a belligerent, violent, mentally unstable individual who committed acts of violence against his wife, psychologically traumatized his own daughter, installed surveillance equipment to spy on his wife’s activities, attempted to compel his wife’s therapist to testify against her in court, treacherously interfered with his wife’s professional activities and engaged in a bizarre series of other reprehensible activities that no woman or daughter should ever have to endure.

This is the true story of a biotech industry apologist and hit piece character assassin who made the mistake of attacking a woman who had the strength and courage to record his aggressions in sworn court documents now acquired by Natural News. Those documents, revealed here, tell the story of the desperate survival of a woman and her daughter who escaped the grip of a deranged individual who has long served as the poster boy for a biotech industry steeped in threats, intimidation and fraud.

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Top 4 Reasons Lack of Sleep Makes Your Life Miserable

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You’ve heard the rationale and reasons for lack of sleep before …

“I only need a few hours of sleep” – “I couldn’t get to sleep “ – “I tossed and turned all night” These and many other experiences could cause several problems in your health, but I would like to point out four prominent concerns you should be aware of …

#1. Lack of Sleep Makes You Fat

Your body produces the chemical Leptin, which is responsible for you sensing that you are full. The lack of sleep reduces the level of Leptin which in turn causes you to eat more than necessary. In addition, the body’s related chemical, Ghrelin which controls your appetite, increases with the lack of sleep. The combination of feeling hungry and not stopping eating when you should results in storage of unneeded fat. Extended periods of sleep deprivation easily sets the stage for obesity.

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Ebola does not care whether you are a Democrat or a Republican!


According to Natural News, Ebola is not bothered about the color of your skin, your country of origin or what political party you belong to. Ebola is transmitted to Republicans just as easily Democrats, but there is one hugely important demographic difference between Republicans and Democrats that’s highly relevant to Ebola outbreak patterns: populations living in cities tend to be Democrats, while those who live in the country tend to be Republicans.

It’s called the “Urban-Rural Divide.” The Atlantic describes it as follows:

The new political divide is a stark division between cities and what remains of the countryside. Not just some cities and some rural areas, either — virtually every major city (100,000-plus population) in the United States of America has a different outlook from the less populous areas that are closest to it.

In other words, city-dwellers tend to be Democrats, and rural citizens tend to be Republicans. Higher population densities naturally lend themselves, it turns out, to the more socially oriented “community” thinking that typifies the political platforms of Democrats. As a result, most people who live in cities tend to vote Democrat at elections. Similarly, most people who live in low-density rural areas tend to be far more self-reliant, self-sufficient and liberty-oriented, and they tend to vote Republican.

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Under the direction of the Obama Administration, the CDC is currently giving out advice that puts us all at risk. The idea that “we have to let Ebola patients in via air traffic so that we can track them” is about as mindless as saying, “we have to let terrorists carry bombs on airplanes so that we can track them.”

The CDC also continues to insist that Ebola can only be spread via “direct contact” when even the WHO openly admits that it can spread via indirect contamination of surfaces or clothing.

Furthermore, the CDC is lying to us when it says Ebola only requires a 21-day isolation quarantine period. In reality, the required isolation period for Ebola is 42 days according to the WHO.

It is no stretch to point out that the CDC is putting the Democrats at risk by failing to take the necessary and appropriate steps to halt the spread of Ebola in America. Then again, the Democrats are also putting the Democrats at risk by downplaying the severity of the Ebola outbreak in the first place.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the threat from Ebola and how the CDC is essentially putting everyone at risk whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, one can easily log onto:

Military medical “quick strike team” from Obama Administration to control Ebola outbreak

civil war imminent (2)

According to Natural News, the Obama Administration has ordered the Department of Defense to form a 30-member military medical “quick strike team” that can deploy quickly — within 72 hours — to any new outbreaks of Ebola in the U.S.

The team will consist of five physicians, 20 nurses and five trainees, according to reports, and will be tasked with providing “direct treatment to Ebola patients inside the United States. The Defense Department has been working to determine what assistance it could offer the civilian health care sector,” according to CNN.

“The concept is said to have come out of Obama’s recent White House meeting, one in which reports had him berating staff for an inadequate response to the growing crisis around Ebola,” Breitbart News reported.

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Following the meeting, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered Gen. Chuck Jacoby, head of U.S. Northern Command, or USNORTHCOM, which oversees homeland defense and security, “to prepare and train a 30-person expeditionary medical support team that could, if required, provide short-notice assistance to civilian medical professionals in the United States,” said Pentagon press secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby.

The Pentagon spokesman added that Jacoby, a four-star Army general, has begun work on the joint team. Once it is formed, Kirby continued, the team will be sent to the Army’s medical training facilities at Fort Sam Houston, near Austin, Texas, to begin seven days of intense training in infection control and the wear of personal protective equipment.

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases will provide the training, Kirby said. Once trained, the team will remain in a “prepare to deploy” status for one month and be able to respond anywhere in the U.S. if “deemed prudent by our public health officials,” he added.

Natural News and the Natural News Tracker keeping you informed!

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Get ready for the US Military Ebola “Strike Team” to Visit Homes all across America!

3 stooges

Will you be drawn and “quartered,” like a Jewish person in the Holocaust? Are you a “trader of the state” if you have a fever and don’t report it to Obama’s henchmen? What will they do with all the flu victims this winter? What if you flew to Africa, or Dallas, Texas recently? You know there’s a 42 day watch period necessary to see if you really have Ebola after being exposed to someone with it? Yes, so if the CDC was honest and cruel, they would quarantine everyone with a fever this winter for 42 days, away from their families and work, in a safe place, like some old prison that isn’t being used anymore, or maybe at a mental hospital where there are rooms to strap you down and vaccinate you with some strain of Ebola, that might not even be the right one. But still, the CDC is preparing and taking steps to protect the people of America, as they hose the Ebola off the streets and leave people’s sheets in their homes for days that are contaminated with Ebola virus.

Yes, here’s the report as covered by Natural News:

“CNN said Pentagon officials have confirmed the formation of the team, which will be able to quickly deploy any time over the next month.” Learn more:

CNN reported further that the Defense Department “has been working to determine what assistance it could offer the civilian health care sector” THE CIVILIAN HEALTH CARE SECTOR

1984 came true

Prepare to deploy!! It’s like the three stooges are coming to your Ebola rescue. A military task force that knows NOTHING about infectious disease and never went to medical college or studied natural remedies is going to suit up with some Biohazard Gear and ready their weapons for helping medical professionals do their “job” with you – which is WHAT? What exactly is the task force’s job? To transport some screaming, fighting Ebola suspects who just have flu or diarrhea and are freaking out?

bad doc (2)

Does the task force protect us from ourselves, or from the Sheriff trying to protect the innocent, healthy people and their rights?

The “civilian health care sector” is nothing but a bunch of dumb, sick zombies going to work, buying into Obamacare, and waiting for the HHS/DHS/FEMA and the Red Cross to show up and save them. That’s the very system that made them sick and dumb in the first place, along with the FDA and all the toxic food and medicine out there!

Who’s tracking all this madness?

The Natural News Tracker!


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How serious are the effects of GMO food items to our health and well-being?

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According to Natural News, Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini’s landmark study on genetically modified (GM) NK603 corn and Roundup herbicide received considerable undue criticism from the mainstream scientific community, which clearly didn’t approve of its findings. But this doesn’t negate the fact that Seralini’s study exceeded the standard criteria for honest scientific inquiry, being the only study of its kind to look at the long-term effects of GMOs on mammals.

Here are 10 things one needs to know about Seralini’s study that validates its findings:

  • Seralini’s study looked at toxicity, not cancer.
  • No other studies have looked at long-term GMO toxicity.
  • Everyone uses Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats.
  • SD rats and humans are almost equally prone to cancer.
  • Seralini’s sample size was appropriate by normal standards.
  • If Seralini’s study isn’t valid, neither are Monsanto’s studies.
  • Seralini study invalidates Monsanto ”safety” studies.
  • Regulators are wrong; GM corn and Roundup are highly toxic to mammals.
  • No governments even require long-term safety studies.
  • Seralini isn’t alone in discovering GMO toxicity.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the impact of GMO foods on our health and well-being and why the government is negating it, one can easily log onto:

Ebola infected man in Dallas sent home with useless antibiotics from lying doctors – is this PANDEMIC here because Obama and the CDC want it here?

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You do realize politicians and crooks at the CDC have a patent on Ebola, right?

Let’s get off the GMO food for a minute and think about this. The pride-full Western Medicine anti-infectious disease-paranoid country has it “all under control” – nothing to see here! We staved off Polio with vaccines, right? We stopped the Swine Flu in its tracks a few years back, remember? We stop E-coli and Salmonella outbreaks all the time by bleaching meat and using ammonia in the CAFOs. We may have started and stopped AIDS. Who knows, right?

So now, are we spreading Ebola on purpose? Why would the CDC patent Ebola and then make idiot-style fumbling mistakes in OUR country with exposure to Ebola stricken humans? Is it an “inside job” like millions believe about 9/11? Are these the beginning tracks of a staged event about to go wild? You know that “staged” doesn’t mean fake, it just means it’s a planned version that mimics a larger scenario to be “played” out in real life. Like events that help politicians with gun control legislation, since they’re quite paranoid about the masses rises up and marching to the front doors of filthy rich homes.

Disease is a money maker, just like war. Think about it. If the CDC did find a cure for the STRAIN of Ebola they spread, wouldn’t it make sense that the politicians have their “serum” stored in a safe place, like Camp David?

Here’s the report on the carelessness (or direct orders received) of the Dallas hospital, doctors and nurses:

“Duncan had just arrived from Liberia. Why didn’t they recognize the situation and respond more effectively? Why did they just send him home with antibiotics? … The medical staff now admits that they released Duncan believing that he simply had a low-grade fever from a viral infection, which antibiotics would be completely useless against anyway.” Learn more:

Mushrooms and their medicinal qualities!


According to Natural News, medicinal mushrooms build your immunity to common colds, the flu, disease, viruses, bacteria and much more. One of the world’s leading authorities on nutrition, David Wolfe, recommends buying mushroom complexes that contain at least five of the following: Reishi, Cordyceps, Astragalus, Maitake, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane and Oyster.

There are certain mushrooms that we never see on grocery shelves or even at the farmer’s market, but they are for sale in powdered form at just about every local health food store you can find, and they’re not expensive at all. Japan and China have known about the benefits of mushrooms that grow on trees for thousands of years, especially the Reishi mushroom. Reishi, commonly known as Ling Zhi in Chinese, is the oldest herbal mushroom known to have been used as a medicine. The emperors in ancient times ate them like we eat lettuce and cucumbers.

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Possessing over 400 active biomolecules, Reishi mushroom is a superior herb that can be taken for long durations without any side effects of any kind. Unlike the poisonous mushrooms that grow out of the ground in your yard, medicinal mushrooms grow off of bark, absorbing all the nutrients from the trees. By simply buying the mushrooms in powder form, or in pill form and opening the capsules and mixing them into your favorite smoothie or veggie drinks, or even in your tea, you are promoting healthy blood circulation, digestion, bowel regularity and fatigue reduction.

In case you were wondering, the common grocery store button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, isn’t so special and can often carry mold under the cap that is not visible to the naked eye. Portabello mushrooms and Crimini are nothing more than matured stages, or brown strains, of the button mushroom.

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