Microchipped students: A new form of tyranny

 No matter how odd it sounds, it is a hard fact that there are schools that have devised a way of microchipping students to increase surveillance on them. Though faced with stiff resistance, school authorities have decided to march on with a full implementation of the policy. However, according to them, those students who are not willing to comply with their decision of microchipping, are bound to face dire consequences. This careless and tyrannical attitude of the school authorities is giving rise to a wide-spread indignation and discontent among the students and their parents.

Students were threatened with the rejection of voting rights

The marking of outlaws have long been practiced all over the world. Prisoners of war and also political prisoners have been forced to wear special identification marks. But the idea of microchipping students is not only unheard of but quite absurd as well. Though the school authorities opine that it reduces the rate of truancy and helps to know the whereabouts of a student, it is seen by many as a breach of privacy of school students. Some schools in Texas had asked their students to wear special identity cards with microchips embedded in them. On refusal of this precept, students were threatened with the rejection of voting rights in school elections and banning from taking part in school programs. Parents of those students were contacted by the school authorities and were told to stop criticizing the policy and endorse it publicly so that it could be implemented on a larger scale.

It is quite a vague part of the story that how exactly the school authorities plan to increase the attendance of the students through microchipping but one thing is for sure,  this policy is making students more and more reluctant to attend school. Any person with a malevolent objective can track a student down with the help of signal reading gadgets and can inflict any sort of harm on that student. But the school authorities seem to have turned deaf to all such concerns from parents  http://www.naturalnews.com/037548_students_micro-chipped_public_schools.html#ixzz29PDh6POm)